A guy from her work

I've always encouraged my wife to go out and have fun with a guy. We were both married before and she had many affairs on her ex. She started a new job at the hospital. I had asked her if there were any guys there she'd be interested in. She did tell me one of the guys flirts a little, he too is married. I told her to have some fun but the rule being to keep me posted and tell me everything. We agreed to no secrets. He works in another wing of the hospital so they communicate via email. Instantly sex became wilder and hotter at home for us as the flirting increased. We even took some pics of her that she could send put to him. The next day at work they exchanged pictures. She is rather plump and he loved it. He too sent her a pic and is well endowed to say the least. Every day the flirting continued. He wanted more pics but she told him it was time for action. She texted me one day saying she was meeting him for lunch at a secluded parking area. When she got home she told me how they made out like school kids and he had her top down fondling her breasts. She jacked him a bit but never finished. He was a bit nervous. A few days went by before they met again. this time it was in a completely secluded area. She told me how it didn't take long for her legs to be up in the air and him on top filling her up. She loved it as did I. Our own sex life has become unbelievable. They now get together once a week or so just for hot sex. His wife only wants sex a few times a year. I work not far away from that park and managed to spy. I couldn't help but masterbate seeing her to down and him sucking her nipples as well as me seeing her head bobbing up and down in his lap. I told her about it afterward and she loved it. Now whenever I have time I spy. She puts on a wilder show if she knows I'm there watching. She is wild for a chubby 50yr old

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