Hi everybody today I want to confess the fact that I love the sound of my mom getting fucked. It started just few month back when I decided to stay over at my mom during the lockdown and 1 morning I woke up to my mom grunting and walk banging I knew right away it was my mom having sex but with who ? She been divorced for time now and really never show sign she was into dating or hook up so I creeped out my room and near my mom door and I can hear my mom moaning and my her ass clapping aganist thigh i started getting hard and there was a tiny bit of the door open and I can see everything and am seeing my mom taking a white c**k and my mom is asian bengali and I got more horny knowing the fact this white dude is destroying my mom brown asian bottom and am jerking of to it and the sound of my mother moaning hard

If anybody else does the same please tell me about it

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  • I accidentally found my dad and mom's homemade porn videos leaked over internet by Dad in xvideos and pornhub. Though faces were not shown the curtains and bedsheets and other room features and the birthmark on her back could be identified to make sure that its my mom and dad in sexual act. My mom has big boobs and brown pussy hair. Have close up videos and my Dad's Cock being hand fucked, sucked by my Mom and Vagina being opened by Dad to enter his erect Cock and cumming on her back and belly etc. I have downloaded all such videos and daily jacks off viewing the videos.

  • My son and I masterbate each other while watching incest porn every night. No sex yet, but we do alot oral on the weekends. He is so good at eating my pussy. He wants to try anal, I'm a virgin in my ass and afraid as his cock is so big.

    We love each other so much. I wish we could get married.

  • Thats sex dumb ass. Masturbation is a personal act you do by yourself. Touching each other for sexual pleasure is sex! For gods sakes get it right. But since it's fake it don't matter. And stop posting as a girl.

  • You clearly don't know anything

  • Good luck to you both!!

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