Older ladies

Why not be naughty still at 85 darling have fun. If you still fit and healthy and still have a reasonable figure still wear skirts instead of ladies still go for it with your son-in-law and you are wearing stockings and suspenders silky petticoat and knickers I would say you're SIL would still look up your skirt and fondle you all I can say he is a lucky guy to have you to fall back on be sensual and flirty with him . let me know how you get on send me an email. My mother was flirty and sensual in her seventies I think my Dad had been ignoring her sensuality for some . Don't mind me enclosing my email address to send you Reply to if you wish have always liked the way older ladies looked and dressed. Email address lower case georgecrooksrep@gmail.com.com. ,only if you wish love reading older ladies comments.


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  • By showing more older ladies up skirt sensual views to go with the stories older mothers and son stories or mother-in-law more sensual type stories instead of s******** stories all the time.

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