My first time

As a young boy I found masturbation and I started doing it regularly. As I got a little older, I began to fantasize about different sexual situations when I masturbated but never gay fantasies. That all changed one day when I was walking down the alley to my friends house and I found a book lying on the ground and being an avid reader I picked it up and put it in my back pocket. When I got home I took the book from my pocket and read the title “The Gay Gringo”, being very naive I didn’t know what “Gay” meant but as I read the first few pages I soon found out. I was reading about sexual situations that I had never thought about before and I soon found myself becoming very aroused! I found myself fantasizing about me doing the things I read about in my “special book”. I had always been told that queers were sick and filthy and dirty and my fantasies scared me, that coupled with my dad finding my book and yelling at me about being a fag and homo soon cooled my fantasies but never killed them. A few years later when I was in my mid twenties, I stopped at bar on my way home from work and had a few beers. Before long a guy came up to the bar and sat down next to me and soon we began to talk and he told me his name was “Tommie”. We talked for a while and Tommie bought me more beers and we found that we had a lot in common. After quite a while Tommie told me he had a great sex magazine collection out in his car and I should really come out and look at them. I hadn’t caught on to what was happening with Tommie yet so I said sure. We went out and got in the front seat of his car and he pulled his magazines from under the seat and gave me one to look at and he took another. We were looking at all the pictures and Tommie began to touch himself and groan. He looked at me and asked me why I wasn’t touching myself, didn’t I find the pictures arousing? I didn’t want him to think I didn’t like his books so began to touch myself. Tommie kept saying “ just look as the size of those cocks” and stroking himself and he took his cock out of his pants and began jacking off and I took my cock out of my pants and started fondling myself. I found myself getting very turned on by watching both of us jerking off and then Tommie asked me if I had ever wondered what it would be like to suck on one of those cocks and I said “sure, we all have haven’t we” and Tommie said “ do you want to try sucking this one” and I got the shakes all over and I looked at him and I said “you have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone that I did this with you” and Tommie said “I won’t tell anyone come on, suck it” and da he pushed my head down to his cock I thought “all those years that I fantasized about doing and now I’m getting ready to do it for real”! I took his cock into my mouth and it felt so good, so natural and began bobbing my head up and down on his by this time throbbing cock. All too soon Tommie began to groan and thrust his cock into my mouth and then, with his whole body shaking, he screamed out loud and blasted the back of my throat with his hot, thick cum and then I exploded all over the front seat of his caras soon as he was finished. He took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped off his cock and then gave it to me and told to wipe my lips and face off, which I did. I began stroking my cock again and then Tommie sad “ well, I’ve got to be going” and suddenly I went from the king of the world to waiting to get what I got. “What about me” I said as I sat there with my pants down around my knees? Tommie said “we don’t have enough time, I’ve got to get going” and then as I pulled my pants back up we drove back to the bar. When we got there Tommie said “ I’ll take care of you next time” and then he walked me back into the bar and even though it was dark inside I could see that everyone was looking at me and pointing at me and laughing at me and I realized that everyone knew why Tommie had taken me out to his car and suddenly I felt so ashamed and dirty! A guy from across the room hollered at Tommie and said “ hey, Tommie,did you” and made like he was sucking an imaginary cock and everybody started pointing and laughing at all me over again but suddenly instead of feeling ashamed I felt aroused at the thought of everyone knowing what I did with Tommie. I couldnt take any more and I ran out of the bar with a massive hard on and the images of what I had still fresh in my mind. That was my very first time and knew immediately that I WAS homosexual and the the thought of being gay and sucking cock has opened a whole new world and I’ll always be grateful to Tommie for showing me the way. I hope that sharing my first time experience has made someone hard and horny, if it has please tell me.


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  • Yes it did

  • I loved hearing your story even though I guess I would be considered bi. Still am attracted to women, love wearing silky women's underwear, but I also love playing with and sucking a man's or even a young boys cock. I have never had a man fuck my ass, but i would like to experience that as well. So yes your post made my cock hard and I'm playing with it inside my panties & lingerie right now. I'd love to be sucking you and then let you be the first one to fuck my virgin ass.

  • I'll fuck your ass while you wear your panties.

  • I have a cute pair on now with a but plug in my ass I wish it was your cock

  • I wear panties 24/7 and I want to suck young boys too and have them ass fuck me

  • Could not think of anything worse

  • It's a pity that those gay erotic novels aren't available free on-line. I can only find the straight ones.

  • This is an amazing experience. You are so fortunate. Tommy sounds like such an amazing gig. He gave you such a great time and his cock sounds delicious. I’d enjoy being there with you. Sliding our mouths over his cock together. Taking his spunk in Putnam mouths. You are a lucky man.

  • Seems like you enjoyed it. Why stop now. Enjoy the many varieties of shapes and sizes of cocks. I allow my wife to go out Happy Hour with her friends on Friday nights for an opportunity to suck off young guys usually in her car and one time in the bathroom stall. It makes our sex so much more interesting

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