Moms friend

When I was 15 I noticed my moms friend was hot. I always wanted to fuck her.
My mom was 35 i think. and her friend was 32.
She had sexy legs and big boobs, and a husband.

My mom knew I liked her and sometimes would tease me about it.
She had gotten divorced a year later, and one day my mom said can you go to Linda's house and help her cut the lawn, she cant get the mower started. Jokingly my mom said be back by Monday. I turned red and she laughed.
I biked over to her house and fixed her mower.
She was in he back yard in a bikini that was tiny. I cut her lawn and was talking to her.
She came on to me and we had sex and more sex.
Later I called my mom and told her I was staying at my friends house. I stayed at her friends house. We had sex all night. All the next day.
The weather changed and it was raining like hell.
I called my mom and told her It was raining to hard to ride home. She said ok ,Let me talk to Linda. ............ I was UH, and she said I know you are there.
Well they talked and I did get home Sunday night. Worn out and happy.
My mom was always cool but i never knew how cool.
When I got home she asked if I had fun, then laughed. Then she got serious.
She said don't tell your friends. It;s ok if you keep it a secret.
After that I was over her house all the time. In the summer I stayed there for a week once. After she drove me home I heard her and my mom talking. She said she had been full for a week, he cums a lot.

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