I cheated and my Wife got even

I screwed up, and cheated, had crazy sex with this hot divorced woman I met. Someone we knew saw me with this other woman and told my Wife. One night I stopped at a Lounge at a Hotel by the Airport and went in and ordered a drink, and surveyed the scene. This place was a hookup Bar, a lot of woman and businessmen types mingling dancing and having casual sexual encounters. I noticed this hot gorgeous woman wearing a practically sheer white blouse and a short black mini skirt with coffee nude stockings, and sexy high heels that highlighted her sensuous legs as_ and sexy hot body. She was sitting between 2 guys who were pawing her legs and thighs, and were laughing and having a good time. I thought to myself, yup, She's going to be _ucked royally tonight by those 2 guys. And I said , ok one more drink, then I'm out of here, ain't nothing going on here that interests me. I then notice the woman that was by the Bar with the 2 guys, was walking toward a corridor that led to the Hotel rooms and parking lot, She was digging in her purse for what turned out to be cigarettes, and one guy had his hand around her waist, and the other guy was rubbing her as_ as he was pulling her skirt up. So I finished my drink, and decide to exit the Bar from where I saw those 3 go, hoping I get a glimpse of this horny woman. As it turned out, all 3 were by a side of 4 door car, one guy had this woman off the ground by cupping both hands underneath her butt, her skirt was pushed up, and he was grinding against her, and his buddy had her blouse open and was sucking her brea_ts and kissing her. I kinda stood off to the side in the shadows so they couldn't see me, I was about 30-40ft away but could see them, the one guy who was kissing and sucking her brea_ts, opened the rear passenger door, and the guy holding her, layed her down so her legs extended out of the car as he pulled down her stockings, and rubbed her hot pu~~y, and then entered her, pumping her back and forth up + down, as you could hear her moan with pleasure. The other guy came around to the drivers side rear door and was rubbing her brea_ts and kissing her. After about 15 minutes they switched sides, and She was saying to them the whole time ~~~k me. don't stop. It was intense, these 2 guys picked up this gorgeous hot woman, and she was sexy horny and wanted these 2 men, and they were more than willing! I thought wow, what a scene, she was incredible, that was intense. I got to my car, started it, and drove by a drive thru for a large regular coffee, and went Home. When I got home , I noticed my wife's car was not parked out front. Went in, and saw a note She wrote saying she was out with so and so and will be back by a certain time. I thought ok, She should be arriving any minute, I'll change, and say I've been home awhile, everything's cool! After about 25 minutes or so, in comes my wife . She's wearing coffee sheer stockings with high heels a black mini skirt, and a sheer white blouse partially torn. She said, I know You were watching not thinking it was me ~~~king those 2 guys. How does it feel A~~~ole! I sat there and turned red and apologized. I didn't get angry, I did think maybe She wants to explore her sexuality, but whatever I or , whatever she wants to do, we have to discuss it and decide together. Some pay back that was!

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