He won’t cheat with me

I am in the process of stepping away from a marriage in which my husband was too controlling. I have been making up for lost time and am enjoying knowing how men will go for me if I give them the slightest hint I’m available.

I have a friend whose husband I’ve always found attractive. He’s pretty fit with shoulder and a chest that get me wet just thinking about it. A couple years ago I was visiting them and every night I was there I masturbated to the thought of him coming downstairs and quietly fucking me before going back upstairs to his wife. I also thought of leaving my dirty panties where he’d find them. I swear it took everything I had not to just push my dirty panties into his face and force him to smell my scent. I know I’d have had him if I could have just had that perfect moment...

I know that’s an awful thing for a friend to wish for. I have always wondered if he would go for something like that though. His wife, my friend, is pretty fat. I love her but honestly she is so fat I wonder how her husband even puts his dick in her. I have always believed he’d love the opportunity to fuck a woman who wasn’t fat enough to eat him for a snack if he didn’t give her a big enough orgasm. (Okay I am being mean now...)

Anyway a few weeks ago I started a casual conversation with him on messenger. At first it was innocent enough, talking about sports and stuff. Little by little it grew to be more risqué. Before long I was sending him pics of me in my panties, and he sent me a few topless pics as well. His body is amazing and when I put his pics next to mine our bodies look incredible together.

I was very open: when he wants to fuck me I am ready. We live in different parts of the country but it just so happens he travels to my area for work. We agreed to fuck on his next trip. I was so excited. I was so aroused at the thought of him going down on me, cumming in his face, leaving my scent all over him.

Then as quickly as he agreed to have an affair with me he backed out. I told him I understand and couldn’t blame him. He is in a good marriage and he’d be an idiot to mess it up. Even with as fat as his wife is.

So anyway over a week later we haven’t talked. Probably better that way. I know I should feel shame that I had these thoughts with the husband of a friend, but I don’t. Instead I feel disappointment that I’m not going to get to fuck the man I’ve wanted to fuck for years now.


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  • Your so full of shit and having to take an overweights woman( friend) man away I hope you go straight to hell.
    And like you mentioned your stinky panties.. I bet you smell down there and hubby was afraid to tell you

  • The guy clearly wanted to cheat. For whatever reason he backed out. Good for him I guess. Can’t fully blame OP. Guys with fat wives all secretly wish they could fuck a hot chick. She just presented him an opportunity, she didn’t rape him.

  • Wow, that was an intelligent post.

  • This is about you thinking you are somehow "hotter" or worth more if you can cause a guy to commit a betrayal to be with you.

    You need to work on your self esteem.

  • Did you miss the part where I backed off when he signaled he didn’t want an affair?

    This isn’t about my self esteem, there Dr. Phil. This is just a little venting over something is disappointing to me. Nothing more.

  • You seem to be missing the part where you feel no shame.

  • Sorry, don't mean to sound mean, but it's a language you seem to understand: you are not a friend; you are a self-centered, narcissistic bitch.

    Stay the fuck away from him.

  • Get off your high horse. I’m not pursuing anything with him anymore. I can be disappointed though, can’t I? Is that ok with you?

  • Don't hurt your friend. You can find about any boy toy you want. I know females get off on the power of the puss but leave this guy out of it. You can go out and have fun but be a good person and friend as well.

  • Thank you. You are right, I am not having any trouble finding men and I need to just let this one go.

  • How hot are you? Are you sure you want to fuck this guy? He sounds like a loser if he won’t step out on his wife. Assuming she’s as fat as you say she is. And of course, that you are reasonably hot yourself. Maybe you’re not as hot as you think you are.

  • He's a loser because he stays faithful to his wife? Your despicable.

  • I do ok. I always get guys to hit on me with just a little hint of flirting w them. I’d say I’m hot enough. Bet you’d do me if you could. ;)

    (But you can’t.)

  • But you’re not getting them to hit on you first? Sounds like you’re up your own ass.

  • I don’t know if she is. Guys seem to be more and more gunshy these days. I know when I go out guys seem to be hesitant until me or my friends make it obvious we are ok with their attention.

    You sound a little bitter. Like the kind of guy most women wouldnt give a second glance.

  • You can thank the whole #METOO movement for this. Men are afraid to even say hello to women anymore ,not wanting to be accused of harassment . You can't blame them for being gun shy now .

  • Thank you! You are so right.

    Also to the poster above, I have plenty of guys flirt with me when I go out. I only flirt back with the ones I’m interested in.

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