Normal to want wife to see other men?

I've seen a few people post this subject so I know I'm not alone wanting my wife the f*@k other guys. But is this normal?
I've read articles covering this topic where experts claim a man wants his wife to sleep with others to cover the fact he has done the same himself, this is usually advice to the woman.
Problem is that's not the case with me. I've never cheated on my wife. The same can't be said for her as during our married life I have caught her up to no good numerous times. I used to get mad and we would have big arguments. I would always come round for the sake of our children and give her chance after chance until I gave up hope of changing her.
She is a very beautiful woman with a great figure who is naturally desired by men. One day it just clicked, I knew she didn't love any of these guys it was just two people having sex and it began to turn me on. I have since had a number of conversations with her giving her permission but she won't take the offer. I think she prefers me not knowing. I don't want to watch I just want her to be happy and realise I can't change what she is.
Normal or not??

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  • Yes, I think it's pretty normal nowadays. The smart thing is to come up with an arrangement that is beneficial to everyone for example, wife has my blessings as long as I get to meet the stud first, they use protection and he does not get to go in her ass

  • No one really knows what normal is

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