Falling for him hard

I've been separated from my husband for two months and have been spending a lot of time with a friend of mine and her husband. My friend is bi and thinks I'm attractive. I'm more into guys, but she's pretty and basically the three of us have been fooling around together. Her husband is hot.

It started out as just having fun--I hadn't had a threesome since high school--but what started as silly one-off fun became a little more regular, and I've been going over to have sex with them a couple times a week, sometimes staying overnight.

The thing is that I'm having serious feelings for her husband. It's crazy but when we take turns on him I actually get a little jealous now when she screws him and they are freaking married. I'm really in love with him. The way he makes love to me is amazing. I've never had better cock in my life and he is such a beautiful thing to experience. I want him for myself, me and only me, and I want to make babies with him. I want him so bad I can't stand it.


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  • My wife (28) and I (37) are currently separated. The details are not important. It’s been 3 months. A month into our separation I was staying at a hotel closer to work about 20 miles away out of convenience. Then this virus hit so I moved to a hotel closer to our home. I was going to stop by and pick up some clothes. I called and there was no answer so I figured it’s my house still and drive the 4 miles. As I was driving up I saw an expense Audi I didn’t recognize in the driveway. So many thoughts went through my head. It’s just a friend, gf of hers, a guy... WTF? So I parked around the corner and watched. 15 minutes later my wife was being led out of the house by her hand in what just looked like a flimsy robe. The person leading her was a guy that must have been 50! They got to the car and he kissed her. He spun her around and she opened her robe and he sucked her right tit! He left and I wait 5 minutes. I knocked while opening the door she was sitting at the kitchen island and looked stunned when she saw me. I said “so who’s the guy?” She paused and then “That’s John.” Me “Oh? So how long has that been going on?” Her “Just met him a few days ago”. I walked by and grabbed some stuff and threw it in a bag. Walking back out I asked “Did you fuck him?” She looked shocked and then smiled “No.” she paused then “He fucks me!” I left and went to the hotel. Sat on the bed knowing my marriage was over and started to rub my dick.

  • You are doing this to yourself. No one is forcing you to have sex with the both of then. You need to think twice before you destroy a marriage.

  • Move on, unless you want to be a home wrecker who stands the possibly of being included in a divorce suit.

  • This is why these arrangements are a bad idea.

  • This will not end well

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