3 Way Memory

Sixeen years ago I went through a period of time working as an escort. Of course it paid the bills and made me feel sort of powerful and desired. It was easy to put off things like education and training. Sometimes crazy requests would arise and meeting them was a classic risk vs. reward scenario.

What I am confessing is my one and only 3-way. One gentleman positioned himself on his back on the corner of a bed. I mounted him from the top. Another gentleman then stood (or crouched) behind me and entered my ass. A third gentleman knelt on the bed from in front of me so I could take him orally.

I found the whole coordination of the movements difficult but I guess we got the rhythm thing together and all three delivered their loads into my body, exclaiming great pleasure and thanks. For me it was more like checking something I had never done off a list.

Don't know why I felt so empty afterward. Never did it again. I just did a lot of thinking and decided to push myself to more realistic directions. I'm happy and have a great husband who knows my former profession and understands it was the past. The thing he does not know is the 3-way experience. It is hard to explain for fear it could leave a different impression of me. Anyway, that's why I'm confessing to you. Thanks!

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  • 3 cocks and 1 woman is a 4 way.

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