Was your wife a virgin?

Was your wife a virgin when you met? Did you have sex with her before you got married or did you wait until after the wedding?

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  • No.. we took each other’s virginity in high school. So she was a virgin, just not when we married😸

  • My wife was not. She had a long term bf and a couple of not so long term bfs and 21 ONS.

  • No I don't think so. On our honeymoon's first fuck my cock went through all the way in her cunt quite well. She was then 23 yo and I don't expect a girl of this age would remain a virgin!! Virginity of a grown up girl is a myth, what matters whether one is a good fuck!!

  • My wife was a virgin when we met and said she wanted to wait until she was married to have sex. That was in 1976. We got into the swinging lifestyle but it quickly turned into a cuckold relationship. Since then she has fucked nearly 200 different guys and many of them were steady lovers so she has been fucked by other guys hundreds of times through the years.

  • You are a lucky guy!

  • I was a virgin. I had fucked him before we got married though. Wanted him to know what he was getting. Im a trainable type. He tells me what to do and not do, what he likes and doesn't like. I have become his perfect sex machine and I take his load every-night for years. In return- He knows how to hit the right spots to make me squirt so many times.

  • My wife had fucked so many guys before me, she was the whore in town. I think she fucked the entire highschool football and basketball teams.

  • Good question. Very rare to find a virgin bride.

  • I wouldn't have wanted one. My wife had several guys before me and that made me want her even more.

  • No, my wife had a few partners before I met her

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