Brothers hot friend

16yd old girl that accidentally saw my 15yr old brothers cute friend getting out of the shower when the blinds were cracked in the window by the deck. It was already dark outside and inside light was on so he couldn’t see me but I literally saw his thick penis as he dried off. My vagina was on fire as thoughts of his face smushed in my pussy swollen lips. I also really wanted his steel penis fucking my mouth and cumming on my face. I never had that thought before then nor have I dripped copious amounts of glistening pussy juice down my thigh. I had to masturbate immediately in the hall bathroom but instantly squirted to orgasm while finger fucking my hot box. I had masturbated plenty of times before but my pussy had never swelled like that nor had I ever squirted before that day.

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  • Have you flirted with the friend?

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