Getting Pegged for Years

The latest dildo is 8" around in 15" long. She gets a real cruel pleasure from fucking me with that thing is hard as she can!

3 months ago


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    • Wish my wife would use a strap on ,

    • I love it email me

    • You are living a charmed life, old boy!!!

    • My wife has been pegging me for years. No way can I take 15 inches. I can handle 12 inches. And yes she gets into it. Fucks me hard and calls me names the whole time. She also has a buttplug that pumps up inside my ass. Helps with stretching my hole open.

    • With the recent change in size of the primary dildo (which is breathtakingly large, in both length and girth), and the introduction of the inflatable plug, it seems certain to me that she is prepping you to start taking on her boyfriend, and wants to be sure you can take EVERYthing he's got. She must really and truly and deeply love him. It's obviously a beautiful love story between the two of them.

    • I like the fact that she does you cruelly and drives it in to the hilt!!. It's wonderful that she understands AND exhibits the connection between F>M anal sex and attitude. You got one of the good ones! Do whatever it takes to keep her!!

    • You’re not complaining I hope . No way you can take 15 inches up your ass, if so I’d like to see that. One thing I can’t get my wife to do is dildo my virgin ass hole.

    • Time to get you a Fem Dom mistress. Yes, it's an extra expense, but she will bring a happiness and pleasure to your life that your poor, poor, poor wife just can't. Spend the money. If you're white, find a black girl. There are plenty of asian chicks who know how bring the pain, but the black girls also know how to manipulate you and work you emotionally. They will break you down completely, and that's exactly where you want to be: laying helpless at the feet of a supreme black bitch goddess. Go gitchu sum!!

    • If you really want your world rocked, get with a black domme T-girl. She will take you places no one else can. The only complicating factor is that you will fall deeply in love with her and won't give a flying shit about your family anymore. She will utterly destroy your marriage and your family, and will laugh while she's doing it, but you will love her all the more!! Get ready for all the happiness you can handle!

    • Don’t think I want to fuck up my family just to get butt fucked. My best way to go is buy a dildo and some lube and go after it myself. The fantasy of a mistress does sound good but I’m not financially able to pull that off. What size dildo should I start with ?

    • You super lucky MF!

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