In every building

I am graduating from a large Midwestern University with my Masters degree in physics. In my six years on this campus, I (with the help of my adventurous girlfriend) have had sex at least once in every building on campus. Every classroom building, dormitory, apartments, and athletic facility. With the help of a friend, we even did it in the police station! Many times we took GoPro cameras to record the deed for posterity. She does know that I slept with two of my professors....she participated in one of them! The sciences buildings will never be the same!

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  • Yawn.

  • I'm surprised you found time to study, write papers and pass examinations. Perhaps the academic dean is among those you porked...

  • No, but the professor who we had the three-way with has recommended me to NASA when I graduate. Watching my five-foot-zero girlfriend get licked out by this tall woman in her mid-30s was stunning. It was the first time my girlfriend had ever tasted another woman's pussy. I came many times that day, and we have had several more hookups with her.

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