Ideal couple

He's 28. 6'1 158 lbs. Lean/slender athletic. Nice defined arms/shoulders narrow hips cute tiny buns, smooth with the exception of a happy trail. Brown hair just beginning to recede a little, green eyes, long eyelashes. About 7" cut
High school graduate landscaping work
Shes 36, 5'9 1/2" 156 lbs. Slim, athletic, flat chested with full but firm round hips and ass. Short brown hair with red highlights big light brown eyes. MBA and a high powered executive.
They fuck like animals. She's looking to get pregnant and he's a sperm stud.
From a physical standpoint do you see them as the perfect couple? Opinions please

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  • He sounds like a zero. 28 and still doing a kids job which he will end up quitting and sitting at home. She is doable and she is not an aspiring cocktail waitress. She needs to dump that zero and get a hero. But if their happy god bless them. Why you ask? Which one are you him or her?

  • Yes seems like they are to me. Why do you ask?

  • What?

  • I second that, WHAT?

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