Cheating wife gets something extra in her morning coffee

My wife is a long-legged brunette who can be a real prick-tease in the summertime when she's out and about in her slutty denim cut-offs. I've seen more than a few of the neighborhood hubbies ogling her, so I've had my suspicions, but little did I know...

I returned home from a business trip a day earlier than my wife expected. When I pulled into the garage, my wife's car was there so I knew she was home. I dropped off my luggage in the laundry room and entered our kitchen through the swinging door. My jaw dropped when I looked out the bay window off our breakfast nook to see my wife in our secluded backyard, down on her knees with her elbows up on the little red tree swing she had me put up for her last summer. Kathy's husband Mike is furiously banging her from behind, slapping her ass cheeks, while Julie's husband Geoff is skull-fucking her while holding onto two fistfuls of her hair. Sue's husband Tom has helped himself to my Scotch and is edging himself on our patio.

All four of them are completely naked.

I returned to where I dropped off my luggage in the laundry room and took it back out to my car. I went back into the kitchen and proceeded to pull my pants down around my ankles, standing far enough back from the bay window so as not to be seen. I had a raging hard-on and I was dripping pre-cum all over the place.

I shuffled over to the fridge and took out my wife's carton of coconut coffee creamer. I opened it and set it on the counter in front of me. I began stroking and it didn't take long, believe me. When I got close, I picked up the coffee creamer carton and put the tip of my cockhead in the opening, right as I shot ropes of cum directly into the container. I stirred it up with one of my wife's metal drinking straws and returned the carton to the fridge.

I pulled up my pants. Of course there was cum splatter on the countertop and floor that I had to clean up, which I did with a paper towel. I got back into my car and drove to a nearby hotel where I checked in for the night. I returned home the following day as originally planned.

And when I walked into the house, I found my wife sitting at the kitchen table in her denim cut-offs, reading the paper and enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

The sight of her long legs made me hard.

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  • That was so hot, made my pussy so wet! I love getting fucked while I'm sucking someone else! And it's so hot that you came in your wife's milk, I wonder if she'll be able to taste the difference...? I wish my boyfriend would cum in my food!

  • Have you told your boyfriend you want him to do that? I bet he'd be happy to accommodate you in that regard. As for my wife tasting my load in her creamer, she's never said anything and I have yet to confront her about her fucking the neighbors.

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