Looking for pen pals

Greetings, all. I'm a 59-year old married bisexual looking for other married guys to swap emails with about my prick-tease wife. No live chat...just emails back and forth. I want to role play my fantasy where you're a guy she's been fucking behind my back and you thought it was high time I knew all about it--i.e., where you met my wife, what she was wearing when you met, where you first fucked her, how often you fuck her, what you do to her, do you get other men involved, etc.

My wife is 55-years old and guys are always blown away when they find that out, because she's in awesome shape and looks like she's in her early-mid 40s tops. She's a long-legged Italian brunette with wavy hair that stops at her shoulders. Not a lot topside...only 36B tits. But at 5'10" tall, she's got legs that go on for fucking miles and a beautiful heart-shaped ass with a long, deep, well-defined ass crack. She does not shave her pussy but she keeps her brunette bush well groomed and trimmed. No tattoos. No piercings other than her ears. Like I said before, she's a real prick tease. She knows her legs are incredible and she loves showing them off in the warm weather by trotting around in her little cut-offs and mini-skirts. I see guys of all ages oggling her, and at least two of our married neighbors want to fuck the shit out of her (they haven't told me so, but I know it by the way they flirt with her).

I'm also willing to reverse the role play about your wife if you have similar fantasies.

So if you're interested, reply with an email address and I'll be in touch. Before we get started, I'll shoot you an email with a lot more details about my wife so that you're able to make your emails to me as realistic as possible.

Looking forward to some hot role play!

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  • Post your email here and Ill hit you up

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