Mother & Son

I really like reading incest confessions but how many are true not many I think,
I would like a reply from some one who has done it the ultimate taboo, and how they felt after, A friend confessed to me he did it with his aunt on his mothers side of the family she looked very much like his mum, after he was elated then guilt for a while but they couldn't stop, the reason for my question is, I know my mum is ready to commit she has told me I can go to her bed any night, dad is out of the picture, she has had some bad experiences with men friends since, I am willing and ready but would it damage our relationship.

2.1 years ago

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    • Kunagi lõpetasin kiitusega ülikooli ja ema oli üliõnnelik minu üle.Lõpupeolt koju tulles võtsin koos emaga veidi konjakit.Mõne ajapärast tiris ema mind magamistuppa ja olime kohe voodis väga pikalt vahekorras.See ei lähe mul kunagi meelest ära.

    • I had sex with my sister

    • I'm not in a relationship with my mother, but my sister and I have been secretly engaging in casual sex since we were teenagers, which was... a while ago. It was pure lust and curiosity from the beginning, so what little guilt we felt at the beginning faded away quickly, because it was just so good. The relationship wasn't "ruined" for us, it just turned into something better that maybe it was supposed to become in the first place. We were very open to experimentation with each other, and we do things together we don't do with anybody else.
      We keep at it even to this day, in secret. We both have our respective families, and it's not a lack of love for our spouses that drives our infidelity. It's just that my sister is such a good fuck. No woman on Earth make me feel the passion and pleasure she does, and viceversa. And well, there's also the rush that comes with fucking someone you're not supposed to. It's just too hot.

    • When I was abou 14 I would cuddle with my mom and wore just a slip and I would crawl I to bed with her and we would kiss innocently and the sometime we would just lie there lips touching and my cock would be hard pressing I to her. I would rub my head with my hand and sometime rub up against her I often hoped she would grab my cock but never did. I would then go masturbate after an hour or so of cuddling

    • Ot depends on your point of view I guess. My mother was affectionate and very loving. I absolutely adored her.

    • The turn on for me was when I penetrated my mums vagina I know it was the place I came from, I know I was a natural birth, previous she use to let me suck her nipples because I told I didn't remember breast feeding and she offered me the experience on the condition I didn't tell that's how our relationship begun I didn't do anything else at first, but after a while my hands started to wander to places ide never touched before I expected to be scolded but mum was groaning I got excited as well I was was only wearing my PJS mum saw my bulging and got me out, I think should I have told every body how bad will they think I am but there the tale is out now.

    • If she's ready to commit then what are you waiting for? I've been fucking my mom for almost a year now and it's awesome, no strings, no hassles, just pure lust for both of us. I've cum in her pussy, her mouth, in her ass and I've sprayed my cum all over her huge mammaries and her face. I sometimes think she's hornier than I am but that's okay. Mom tells me that now she doesn't need a boyfriend because she's got me and she doesn't have to worry about relationship bullshit.

    • It's SO true no one can understand like your mother

    • I bet she looks great after jerking out a load on her face

    • My sentiments exactly. The girls at school are immature prick teases and just hang out with other girls who hold hands and kiss each other. Mom says "These girls are lesbians or just interested in games".
      My mom is sexy and lets me do things the silly girls don't. My mom's a good kisser and she understands me and my needs too. We have been intimate for years now and she's so sexy and I don't feel guilty or shameful at all about it. My mom knows I enjoy wearing her lingerie and it's so exciting to have our little slumber parties.

    • Right, you'll meet older women later. for now, being sexual with their mothers is the best way to learn, and the hottest

    • I actually told my story here and tried to provide advice for another person in a similar situation. I'm a woman, and I've been in a marital-style relationship with my son for a few years now. We actually welcomed a healthy baby together. I'm not saying that's what you should seek, but from experience I can say, if you're both consenting adults that feel the same way and are aware of the consequences, there's nothing wrong if you go ahead. You should be warned, though, that there's nothing you can ever do to put that lid back on, ok?

      To be honest, my story is a bit different. I was 17 when I got pregnant and my parents urged me to give up my baby for adoption. Life went on, I got married, moved abroad, failed to start a family due to several miscarriages, and even became a widow at a young age. When I was 40, I received a message on social media from a guy with proof that he was my son, letting me know he was happy and doing ok. So I invited him over and he flew in. We didn't count on genetic sexual attraction kicking in (which is actually common in cases like mine, if you want to look it up). We had sex for the first time the night before he left, and yes, it was confusing. Later I told him I understood if he didn't want to hear from me again. It took him a few weeks, but he contacted me and said he wanted to see me again. A few months later he came to visit and stayed. We pushed through the guilt and confusion, and now live happily almost like husband and wife, parents of a healthy baby girl. Where I live, no one knew I had a son, so that helps. People still frown upon us because of our age difference, but he doesn't resemble me at all and we don't share a last name, so it just looks like a cougar that picked up a kid. Sexually, though, he's better than all my previous lovers in many ways, but one thing makes him more fulfilling than them all: knowing he's my son and feeling his cum inside me is always incredibly intense, enough to make me cum on its own.

    • Healthy sex life

    • Will you tell your daughter one day?

    • Giving each other orgasms will only strengthen your relationship

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