Mum fantasy

I've had a fantasy about having sex with our mum for ages now. I fantasise about mum catching me wakning and then she would do it for me , blow me off or have sex with me that's when i had the idea of letting her catch me for real. So mum was at work and about 4pm i lay on the sofa naked and start slowly waking knowing mum would be home in 15 minutes. So i hear her car pull into our driveway so i closed my eyes and wait for her . I hear her key go into the door and I'm thinking this is it , here she comes im naked with a hard cock for her .

She comes in , sees me and she shouts WHAT THE FCUKING HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING !

My ultimate fantasy became my ultimate humiliation . I jumped up and ran to my bedroom with my stuff cock running past mum

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  • What do YOU think I'm doing? What does it look like I'm doing? What am I actually doing? And why are you reacting as you are? Exactly what about this has you so worked up that you shout like that? Could you name one male my age in this city/village/one-horse town who doesn't do this? Do you think that no young girl has ever done this? Exactly what about this seems to be the problem for you? Come and sit by me and we'll discuss this as I finish.

  • I don't get the whole bang my mom thing. can someone explain why people want to do this please?

  • How can u not. Having sex with your mom is one hell of a wild ride. So first u have the normal part about sex Dick meets vagina awesome feeling then u have the thought in the back of your mind ( holy shit I'm balls deep in the vagina from witch I was born from My mom's vagina I'm going to cum balls deep in my mom's vagina) let that sink in. And if u had a single mother growing up and u get to experience that While you're still in your youth. Forget thinking How Why Good Bad. All your thinking is when is the next I can go balls deep in my mom's mouth my mom's vagina shell my mom's ass. If u get the chance try it before u knock it.

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