50 and hot

This girl I work with just turned 50. Like most women she was feeling old on her birthday. I tried to wish her a happy, but she shot me down. For being 50, she's still hot as fuck. Taking a chance to cheer her up I told her she could have any man in the place. She started to laugh and said "yeah right". I responded with. "No, I'm serious, you are so hot you could have any man in this place. Including me". I had just turned 30, so I kind of knew what she was going through. She laughed again and said "you wouldn't have sex with me, I'm 20 years older than you". I told her. "Yes, I would. Let's go for lunch and I'll be a lucky man to prove it to you." She didn't believe me, so we left for lunch and drove to the country. We got in the back seat and I stripped her clothes off. I ate her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I sucked on her little titties and then slid my cock inside her. I fucked her until she orgasmed. It was the best birthday present ever for me and it wasn't even my birthday. I think she's happy now. She stopped moping around and was all smiles.

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  • The best pussies I ever ate were all of women in their 40s and some even as old as 60. They are fat and mouthful and engorged clits are easy to reach. Almost all cunts are soft and smooth juicy. And they all reach orgasms within half an hour and starts to pant for sometime - this is when they ask for you cock to fuck till you cum in gushes deep into her cunt. One BBW in her late 30s I still enjoy fucking has a pussy with large lips that reminds me of one of a cow.

  • When my hot older sister turned 50, she told everyone it was no big deal, but, when I stopped by her house late that morning after a work appointment, she was in her thin, partially-open robe, having coffee at the kitchen table, and got me one. She started saying things like..I'm 50.. Five-Oh..And said it stressed her out. I gave her a shoulder and back rub and told her to stand up. She did. I then opened her robe, exposing her amazing body, and told her..Look at this body. Women in their 20s would run to the gym after seeing you. The robe then hit the floor as we made her body and beauty, even at 5-0, the conversation.

    She understood that she was still in great shape, guys still looked at her body, but, that number..Five-Oh. Got her. Said she didn't feel as sexy as she used to, she's that feared middle aged now, good body or not. Still ate up my compliments and body feels and rubs, so, enjoyed that, but needed more convincing that she still "had it".

    Almost at the same time, we both said "Let's prove it", so, went upstairs, I actually carried her down the hallway, naked, and into her bedroom, where we had some of the most incredible sex we'd ever had. It was intense, very active, and, her words "almost trance-like". First and only time I ever heard that, btw.

    By the time I had to leave, I had her more than convinced that 50 was only a number, especially with her, and I'd be back later to celebrate more.

  • Well take some Geritol and buy a fucking air conditioner.

  • Hot story nice

  • Yeah Joe Momma

  • I was dating this girl when I was in college and her mother was supper hot. Cute little blonde named Dee with a killer body. Anyway the girl dumped me after three years. So I get married to another girl I met. Several months later I had to drop some stuff at my wife's work and their is Dee. They both worked for the same company. Well after seeing that hot body of hers again I knew I wanted her. So I made excuses to stop by the wife's work. Always making sure to say hi to Dee. Finally I made my move and asked her out. She actually said yes. So we had a couple drinks and back to her house to fuck. Me 26 years old her 61 years old and fucking hot. I must have pumped ten gallons of cum in her that first time. That was three years ago and I am still going nut in her at least twice a week. She much hotter than the wife and way better in bed that her daughter. Old pussy is good pussy.

  • You've never been on a date in your life 😜

  • My 50 year old boss always had the hots for me. I like her too and I flirt carefully with her. She's the boss. We're both married -- I let her take the lead in sexual innuendo.
    Well anyway I'm her favorite in my 3 unit team. It's high tech stuff and the other 2 know what they're doing but can't communicate at all. I take all the phone calls -- they already started using the F word when they can't communicate. I turn 62 and retire. My last day she takes me to lunch at Noon, Noon I'm officially retired. On the way back she takes me parking on a dirt road and gives me a I'm going to miss you blowjob. I was sort of expecting it. She was hinting she had a special gift. I was told she fucked a lot of bosses in her 20's.

  • Perhaps you should explore continuing in nicer locations when there is more available time. Perhaps a hotel where she could wear a lovely negligee? I'd cultivate this relationship to make it last without hurting anyone else.

  • Sounds like a one and done to me.

  • More like your mother don't ya think. My cock is fucking itching like all get out now. Think that whore gave me da crabs.

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