My Stepbrother

Hi, I'm a high school age gayboy not openly gay. I've been letting my older stepbrother touch me since twelve, he's six years older. My mom married a second time and now I have a stepfather and stepbrother who I live with. My stepbrother treats me really nice, I mean really nice. I watch him when he showers and in his room, he's often nude and seems okay with me being around. At times he'll just suddenly grab me and hold me really tight when he's nude, he's very athletic and likes playing with me like that. I so love when he does this' but I always get an erection and I think he notices but not sure. Lately he just reaches out grabs my arm and pulls me to him more gently but not letting go, he's nude much of the time when doing this. This one night he did this and touched my hard penis, saying we're boy's and some boy's will please another boy to make them feel good. I was so excited when he did this, I was hopping he would. I was too afraid to even be nude around him like he was with me, though I would leave doors open when I was nude so he could see me, never was sure if he did. I stood there near him, he asked if he could touch me and I said yes. He took all my clothes off and pulled me onto his bed where I was touched by another boy for the first time. We were in his bed most of the night where we both touched each other, me letting him do what he wanted. I loved kissing him and touching his penis. The next night we were together and did more with each other. The third time I let him penetrate me, nearly an hour to get his penis completely in me with his coaching. A week later In the wee hour's of morning, I was erect for hour's before going into his room and spooning him with my hard penis wanting to penetrate him. He took off the sheet, spread his cheeks with his hands and I was completely in him with ease. He let me do him what felt like hour's. He told me I ejaculated in him, I wasn't sure though but my penis started to feel like I needed to stop. He has had many girlfriends but still let's me touch him, it's now me being more sexual in initiating the sex. I so love him but feel he's more interested in girls'. He told me we can be together whenever I wanted which is like always, but I know for him this may not truly be. Should I now move on...? or should I wait until he has another girlfriend then let him love her like we did for so many years..? Feel free to comment and please don't mention our age difference. Gayboy's my age after all are being sexual and many look up to older boys' to mentor us this way. Where else can a young gayboy find acceptance and answers.

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  • If you are gay and attracted to your brother and he's mutually into this I would take it slow and careful. Oral sex is good. A tight anus even better. My half sister wasn't bad.

  • Fuck you and your fake incest posts. Both of you!

  • You are an individual not at peace with himself. Why ist it that you come to 'Naughty Post' to troll what you decide to be either true or false, hmm? I think you need to accept that which you've denied though out your life. What I do know is this, you live a life in which you must feel a sense of control of which you most likely don' have. This is why you are here and post such comments. I may be young, however, I was raised by two loving parents, both instruct at the UC University system. My high level of education I would think is probably second to none. Eighteen and now completing my junior year in the UC system, how about that! An English major like my mom. Please stop commenting about that which makes you feel you have a sense of control over, of which you truly don't and displays your idiosyncrasies and I would think to a dagree, a headred toward others' who are gay. You must first deal with and accept your own issues beforehand, prior to telling others' your flawed beliefs. Hows that for a english major student who plans a career in psychiatry post graduate school. It isn't incest to have a relationship with non leneal individuals. Your ignorance is on display for all to see. See, you've lost control of your though processes when you resort to foul laugage, this you do often and you know this. A doctor of psychiatry could potentially help you if you were willing to address your flawed child rearing etc; enough said.

  • You are a master if english right? This is from your reply below! "adhere to hatred and bigotry, also raisism" You don't look like a master when you can't spell racism.

  • Do you really think I have poor spelling skils? You grasp for...? why? You continue to read like that of an individual I've stated you to be.

  • You bragged how you where the master of english.
    Hows that for a english major student who plans a career in psychiatry post graduate school.
    Your words not mine. I apologized for my grammar and spelling as i'm an engineer not a writer

  • By law a step brother by blood line is incest.

  • Don't tell him He 18 and knows everything. He can't drink a beer legally but he fucking knows everything. Still lives with mom and dad but he knows everything. Thats the problem right now the gen z are protesting that they are going to end racism. When they have no fucking clue about what the hell they are doing.

  • Well it wasn't my generation who practiced racism, stood behind Jim Crow laws etc; It was preceding generation's and yes, my generation may not know the full extent concerning preceding generation racism, but what my generation does know is your generation certainly does and was engaged in it.....

  • Jim Crow laws ended in 1954 You spout something you learned in school. You should know the facts. Before you run your mouth.

  • Ok gen Z tell us what you are doing to end racism. What is your list of demands? I never judged anyone by the color of their skin, where they came from or their past. I judged them for what they believe in and how they treated me and society. And don't tell us it's not you generation that is racist. There are all kinds of people and your generation is not immune from racism.

  • One can never prevail in their attempt to argue a point concerning racism with those who engaged in it or, stood silent while others' were being victimized by it. My generation will be the first to truly try and address the effects caused by racism of past generations. This can begin in earnest once the 'baby boomer generation' is gone. I am curious as to why you come to 'Naughty Post' to argue such a point as racism? I think and believe you're a self loathing individual, an individual much like the other who posted replies riddled with profanity. With me it is like this, once an individual uses profanity they've lost much if not all credibility, control over their thought processing and revail that which truly motivates them. For most like this I believe to be ignorant of the facts, a bigot and bully. These types are prone to engage in violence, ie: road rage, domestic violence and cause harm to others' in society. I don't have to justify anything to you on the point of racism. Being from a younger generation will allow me and others', much time to address the wrongs of past generations of which you are from. Don't lecture on that which you generation has impart failed to truly do in addressing racism.

  • You just gave me a BS story. I asked you a simple question. And now I will ask again. What is Gen Z list of demands to stop racism? It has nothing to do with Naughty posts! You where asked a question and you failed to answer it. Just to remind you again. What are you demands that will end racism?

  • Another self righteous individual. I would do something your generation truly failed to do, ' listen to those who have been harmed by your generation and past generations'. That's what I would do.

  • Listen to their stories and what is that going to accomplish?

  • What will you do that we failed to do? How are you going to end racism? It's a simple question answer it please.

  • In the last few posts I have not been negative towards you. I have asked you simple questions and you have failed to answer them. But you have always been attacking me. You asked for politeness when I reply and I gave you it without swearing. How about the same and answer the questions.

  • Wow what a load of horse shit. You are 18 and think you have all the answers to all of life's problems. Go tell that to your professor's and see what they say. i'm in my 50s and I still don't have all the answers! Did you sleep with daddy, mommy, brother or sister? It's not the homosexuality that angers me, It's the incest and pedophilic posts that gets me going. As one of my close friends granddaughter was molested by her father two years ago from age 9 to 13 years old. Her father started with full intercourse with when she was 13. She tried commit suicide and thank god it failed. When the facts came out it was an instant divorce and he got arrested. Because his daughter and her two children moved in with him and his wife making them a victim of this mess. I too am a victim of this! We used to go to car shows with our cars a lot. We even got in my plane and flew to car shows. We spent a lot time hanging out as friends. But now with the family living with him, we don't hang out as much. He is taking on the role as a parent again and thats fucked up. All because of one ass hole! I have been at my friends house when his grandkids where there visiting and she seemed normal to me. I have even meet the father a few times when they would also be there as we worked on his Mustang. He seemed to be a nice guy. I never saw a hint that he was molesting her. Her father was sentenced to a 30 years in prison with 10 years suspended. He has to do the full 20 years and be on parol for ten years. He should have gotten death. I have always thought of incest and child molestation as sick. Having to stay home because of the virus and reading the stories on yahoo. I needed a break and stumbled on this sight. Wow confessions that would be interesting and some are but when I see the incest and pedophilic posts. They made me furious! How the fuck some site would allow these confessions and posts is fucking unbelievable. How someone could post that crap is even more unbelievable.

  • The fact is this you all think you are anonymous on this site. But you'r not, ever notice when you like a reply and click on the heart that you can only do it once! Thats because the site knows your IP address and won't allow to like posts twice. And I have been reporting this site and your posts to the Missing and exploited children as well as law enforcement. People have posted that they have had incest and have molested their children. Well thats called a confession and here in America can be used in court. And if they want they can go after the IP address and catch the people who confessed. That is something I pray they do. They might shut down this site and its sister site. Because the posts are not age appropriate and they do no age verification at all. So you keep posting them and I will post my disgust of them.

  • I knew you had issues from your child rearing...!

  • I don't have issues had a normal childhood have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. We all grew up normal and never did anything gross to each other. One thing about a large family is kids never fucked with us because we stood together. My parents are still together and all of us are married no divorce in this family. Try again ass hole. What fucked you up? Are you the gay brother who got it up your ass. Did your daddy walk away from your mommy. Do you know your daddy or was your mommy a crack whore who fucked for crack? Did she let strangers fuck you for crack?

  • You do have issues that should be addressed with professional guidance. You use foul laugage alot, you heard those you were close to, those you trusted use foul laugage in your presence as a child, other family member's and parent's that would be! I also know you were subject to and come to adhere to hatred and bigotry, also raisism I would think. You display here in this form for all to see, an individual who's life is less than that which most people espire to and achieve. I do feel sorry for you in ways you could never understand. You mention your family alot, but that doesn't validate you as one who deserves such validations, given that you present yourself here as an individual who is intolerant, ignorant, a bigot and a bully who feels he must get his way. Guess what, you don't get your own way here! You state falsehoods! case law doesn't recognize non lineal family members as lineal in law that would involve incest within a family. Only age appropriate and rape would be a factor in prosecution. Get off the donky you road up on to get here with your indignation, you are here as others' are also, to satisfy a need within yourself for either good or...? In your presence here, is to bully foremost, pass judgements on others' and use threats of telling others' your intention of informing law enforcement of...? I'm an adult and have a constitutional right to publish that which I want within boundaries of written law, PERIOD...! Get back on you donky and peacefully trot away from 'Naughty Post'.

  • Tell us Mr 18 year old why are you here? What is your reason for being here. You are barely an adult and you give me your constitutional rights. Do you think our forefathers wrote the constitution so you could scream fire in theater causing mass panic and hurting people? You think it's your right to post about gay sex with your step brother then do that! As when your mom and step father got married your step brother became family. I don't care about the law you don't mess with your family. Go out and voice your opinion about having gay incest sex to the world. And when people like me voice disgust about it, too bad! You are the OP! It is you. And it is my constitutional right to be here and swear all I want. It's my right to post my disgust about your actions and the actions of others. I have just as much right to be here as you do. Guess what you don't get your way of telling me to leave fudge packer. You don't like my response then get of the computer and go cry to your step brother and he will do your butt and make you feel better. See I did not swear. Oh and by the way I do have a masters degree in engineering, electrical engineering and auto mechanics. When you where still in diapers I was working for Ford, programing powertrain control units. I also have my pilots license. When I was your age I had two jobs, became a volunteer fireman and then an EMT. Thats when I first got my open water dive certificate then became a rescue diver. When I was 22 I bought my first brand new pickup truck. I was saving for since I was 13 mowing lawns and what ever job I could get to make a buck. I paid for it in full. I paid off all my collage student loans off at 28 years old. My wife and I worked our butts off to get what we have now . What have you done besides get an education? You ever get a job or does your parents still give you an allowance while you drive their car. Sorry for grammar or spelling as I'm an engineer not a writer.

  • You response much like others you've posted. You bully others', are ignorant, probably a bigot and self loathing. How can one reasonably respond to an individual such as yourself, truly can not! I'm curious if you passed on by example to any children, use of profanity and your intolerance toward others'. You boast of many achievements in your life, so sad a most important one you failed to understand and learn!

  • In that reply I never bullied you. but if you keep bullying me then you get it back.

  • I have just as much right to be here as you do. You where asked a question what have you done besides getting and education? And not a good one I might add. I also asked what you Gen Z want done to stop racism. You have not answered any of them. You gave a big post how you are a master in english and you misspelled racism. You don't want to answer questions but rater tear at me and yet you say I'm the bully. I haven't sworn at you and yet you still are belittling me about it. So I will try again one last time.

    What are the list of demands your Gen Z needs to stop racism?

    What else have you done besides getting an education?

  • Thats just what I thought you are nothing but an incest lover and thats it. Would not be surprised that you are the nut job who has been posting about your sister and your mommy and how incest is legal in some countries.

  • Oops typo I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. My fault I guess that is from having a normal childhood.

  • I still go to his room when he's there and no one home but us. I know he loves me and likes being sexual with me. I let him fuck me the way he wants and cum in me. I like to fuck him but he's not that much into it but will let me cum in him. He likes to have my penis and balls in his mouth at the same time. I can't do that with him because he has a large penis. I let him cum in my mouth but I can't in his. He just doesn't like that, saying I was a real gayboy, that gayboys' like that and not all bi-boys' do. I will be careful when being with him. I would never want my parents to find out. One time after doing it, I went into the kitchen to help my mom bring groceries in from the car in the garage and cum was running down my legs below my shorts. I forgot to put my undies back on. She even found wet cum on my undies in his room. She asked me why my undies were in his room and why they were wet. Thanks for your response and yes I'll be very careful.

  • Fake thats it. No fake advice needed

  • A therapist! Go there now don't walk run.

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