Dirty Secrets I Must Confess!

Since I was a wee little lad I had the desire and curiosity about penis'. I just loved the looks of my own little tiny penis. I loved playing with it. When I was 8 years old I had a neighbor friend over to my house. We were playing in the basement. I asked him if he wanted to play a new game with me. I told him we had to take down our pants and lay next to each other and feel our ass'. To my surprise he said ok and we did. It was so much fun and only made me want to do more. The next time he came over we played it and this time it was to feel each others penis. Oh boy was this fun. I sat up and it was just instinctive that I kissed his fat little penis and then I began sucking on it. He liked it and wanted to do this every time he came over my house. Soon we were getting totally naked and doing things that were lots of fun. He would take my penis in his mouth and I returned the favor gladly. The saddest day was when he and his family moved to California. I missed him so much.

He came back for a visit when he was 15. He was telling my mom all about living in CA. Then we went to the basement and he kissed me. We soon were naked and we 69'd together like nothing had changed. Except it had changed. I received a huge load of yummy semen in my mouth and I filled his mouth like wise. I couldn't help but notice his penis was several inches bigger than mine but he didn't care. He said he learned something new in California and wanted to show me. He pulled out a little bottle of KY jelly and lubed up his sexy long penis. Then he bent me over the arm of the sofa and I felt pure joy as he entered me. He fucked my ass so good and played with my little penis and balls as he did.

Then he wanted me to do the same. I really enjoyed fucking him in the asshole with my smaller penis. We kissed and laid in each others arms afterwards. I really loved seeing Scotty again and I miss him everyday. I am going out to visit him as he now lives in Michigan. I can hardly wait to see him. I really love what we have together. I love performing oral sex on him and when he takes me from behind. He is my best friend. We are pals.


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  • I'll be your pal you little cock sucking sweety pie.

  • Contact me at my snap (hotboy14171

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