My mom's tan lines.

My mom has been tanning on our back deck for weeks now. She looks great out there on her lounge. She doesn't wear any tiny bikinis, but still turns heads at the beach.

We've never worn anything for the quick trip to and from the bathroom to take a shower. I've always known my mom has a sexy body, but when I saw her today, her tan lines make her tits, bush, and ass, really stand out. Her tits are like headlights. Her dark pink areolas and nipples are even more noticeable against her nearly white tits.

I feel so guilty that I am now thinking of fucking my mother. God help me.

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  • I think tan lines are so sexy. It's like you are seeing what nobody else has seen because they have been covered. Now uncovered they stand out really drawing your eyes to those white areas. My mom has some great tan lines and I love getting her naked to check those areas out. Then we fuck!!

  • I would definitely fuck my mom. I mean she's thick she got hips thighs and a fat ass small tits but perky nipples suckable I saw her today and I just kept staring at her ass and I started feeling my dick hard in my pants right in front of my mom! I recently found my mom attractive and I would love for her to suck my cock make it hard as rock and come all over her face and in her mouth!

  • All mothers should be their sons blowjob goddess

  • If you've never worn anything from the bathroom, then next time follow her into her room and let her know you want her.

  • I agree, give her a clear sign

  • Fuck her, she loves you like I do my own 3 sons!

  • I love your story and wish you were my mom. What a hottie you are

  • I think tanlines are so hot! It turns me on so much because I'm seeing what was covered brightly contrasting her tan.

  • Nice

  • I saw a topless dancer with great tan lines. Her bikini must have fit around her tits perfectly because they stood out like beckons. I went home and fucked my girlfriend imagining she was the dancer I'd seen a couple hours before. I came so hard!

  • Don't feel guilty for how you feel. There are many sons who are attracted to their mothers and there is nothing wrong with that. If want to act on your feelings then thats totally up to you. My advice is compliment your mother and be very affectionate towards but don't do anything too perverted. Be smart about it and be flirty! Good luck!

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