My first wife wasa slut. She cheated all the time. But before me catching her we were talking one night about our first time and she told me she did not know. She said her dad molested her for as long as she could remember.
Shut blurted it out like it was normal.
My wife i have now told me one night about how she remembers her dad giving her baths when she was little and would stand her between his legs and rub his cock between them.
She also said her older brother use have her stroke him off.
She told me about one time she was staying at her friends house and when her friend was taking a bath her friends dad pulled her shorts down and fingered her.
Wtf how many women wrre molested when they were little?
I just don’t understand bithe of them acted like it was not big deal. Just told me like it was a confession on their part.


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  • A lot of inappropriate behaviour happens in families it all depends if you are ok with it, I liked it

  • My dad bathed me and messed around with me as long as I can remember, it seemed normal to me at the time now I know it wasn't, I have a massive sex drive I am never satisfied I lost my veganity at 12, I was sexually active from the age of 11

  • Like to hear more

  • Tell me more
    In private if u like

  • How private?

  • On here is fine

  • Alot happens in the family home good and bad. When my wife was twelve she began having sex with her dad and this carried on until she moved out at eighteen. Things do happen in some families.

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