Inside my mom

I love watching my hard cock moving back and forth inside my mom's great pussy. She's got a brown pubic triangle, shaved for a bikini but still a nice bush. When I'm fucking her doggy style I can watch my cock the best. Looking down at my mom's firm ass. Her pussy is so fucking tight!

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  • My sexy mom's pussy is so fucking tight. As we fucked last night I had my hands all over her tits and nipples. My mom was moaning like I have heard so many times before. She got so loud having her orgasm that I blew the biggest load of cum I ever have inside her pussy! It felt incredible.

  • You need to fuck your mom in front of a mirror. Then you can see her facial expressions and watch her tits bouncing. Reach around and grope her tits while you're banging her pussy hard!!

  • I took your advice and fucked my mother in front of a mirror. It was hot!! Watching her tits bounce with every slow thrust, then bobbing up and down like crazy when I my dick was like a piston before shooting my sperm inside her.

  • Shut the fuck lady balls

  • Shut the fuck up dog molester.

  • Try not to stoop to his level.

  • I'm still above your level sick wanna be motherfuckers.

  • You think you are but nobody else does

  • This is just fake bull shit written by fake incest dreamers. 🤢🤮

  • Quit complaining and get the fuck outta here. You don't belong.

  • You'r damn right nobody belongs in this sick fantasy. But thats all it is. Just like your sister isn't real this post is also fake.

  • Says Chester the dog molester. That's one tight asshole around his dick.

  • You are the pedos just like old lady balls here

  • That wasn't me! Lol

  • But your sick fucking ass is here like flies to horse shit. Which this is!

  • Go pick up a little girl at the mall pops.

  • Go fuck yourself lady balls

  • To you

  • The next time you're looking at your mom's "firm ass" shove your cock into it. I'm sure you'll both enjoy it.

  • Last night I woke up both hard and horny. My mom was quietly sleeping next to me. I rubbed my hand over her pubic hair and down to her pussy. I began to slowly rub her clit making it poke out. Then I started fingering her pussy that had become wet from my work on her clit. My mom started to quietly moan until she groggily awoke realizing what I was doing.

    She reached over grabbing my shoulder signaling she wanted me to get on top of her, which I did. My chest smashing down her boobs poking out the sides between us. I moved back enough to get my cock head to the opening of her now very wet pussy. I pushed inside her continuously until I was touching bottom. We both let out a groan. I slid my hands along sides of her back bringing my hands under her shoulders grabbing them from beneath. I began flexing my waist thrusting my pelvic bone against her clit.

  • My own mother started dressing me up in my sister's clothes as a child. Now I wear mom's things and we have been intimate for years. I'm definitely a sissy and mom knows it. I get all hard and excited when mom tells me to put on her lingerie and shoes and make-up.

  • BS just BS go back to the panty posts and post how you allow ten guys to rip you ass hole out.

  • Then why are you jacking off reading this stuff?

  • Not jacking, just amazed that humans can be so sick. It's unbelievably that you can make this shit up in your minds just floors me.

  • Lovely! Mother/son sex is hot!

  • Who ever you are if you post a confession at least make it real this is total rubbish

  • You don't know a damn thing you bloody limey!

  • Limey lol

  • Lol. I agree.

  • Lol. I agree to disagree.

  • AHHHHHbullshit I'm allergic to bullshit. And it is neck deep here🤢🤮

  • You still think pussy is a cat

  • I know pussy is something you never got. The closest you ever got to pussy is when you were born and fell right out of that crack whore you call a mother and landed head first on the ground. then you momma went right back to sucking dick for a hit of crack.

  • Spoken like a true virgin!!!

  • What the crack part or feel out part.

  • I love fucking mums. Other people’s mums. The last one and best one I had was 12 years older than me. That beautiful tight pussy of hers. I cum inside her every time we fucked. I loved watching my cock slide in and out of her. She was perfect. I wish I still fucked her. It’s been more than 10 years. I still dream about her, a lot. Always sexual dreams too.

  • You must not be choosy. A majority of my friend's moms weren't very good looking, so I wouldn't have fucked them. A couple I would have fucked senseless.

  • They are not choosy at all. They will fuck or marry anything that moves. A smoker is hot! NOT A 19 yearly 600 pounder is hot! NOT If it has a heartbeat they will fuck it. Hell some here will fuck if it is dead like Jeffery did.

  • How old is she? And you? However a mature pussy is far better than younger ones.

  • You get the death penalty in 8 countries! Here is to hoping you are in one of them.

  • Fuck off you pain lover!

  • Well said

  • Oh shut up, no longer interested

  • Said by someone who got his first blowjob from his mom.

  • Lol

  • 👆you💩head

  • It's also legal in many countries! Eg Spain, France, Portugal and many more!

  • It's also legal in several countries dim wit!

  • Sorry, I'm the dim wit!! I read it wrong, I thought you said illegal. Thanks for naming a few countries. Good to know.

  • Lol your welcome

  • You both are dim wits! Together you couldn't light a closet where you both have been all your lives.

  • Yes 23 out of 195 ass hole In the 172 countries where it is illegal penalty's for incest range from 3 years to death penalty in 8 countries. In the Muslin countries it is death for both parties Men get hanged by lifting them off their feet. That is a slow and painful death. The women get tied to a stake and people stone them to death. Another slow very painful why to die. Here is to hoping that you all get caught there.

  • You must have a thing for pain you freak. Who gives a shit about any country that isn't the one you live in? You also have to get caught. It's not like you're going to tell anyone about it. Death is a little extreme for incest. Maybe twenty lashes of the whip maximum.

  • So you agree that incest is wrong. Some countries do have whipping as part of the penalty.

  • Not in to pain. Just love seeing justice served and if it involves pain all the better.

  • Justice! Lol fuck off

  • One thing I believe in is Karma. We have had more inmates on death row dying while waiting to be executed. And now with the virus like five of them died. Thats Karma for you, she's a bitch.

  • 👍😂

  • Who gives a shit about Muslim countries lol

  • I love my son in me. He 18, and I'm only 33 (I got pregnant on my 14th birthday by a boy from school). When James and I make love he is a fucking machine in bed and last and goes for hours. We make videos of our sessions, and masturbated to them together at night on the sofa. It usually ends up with me climbing in his lap and riding him until we both orgasm.

    We started 2 years ago. We both know I should be on the pill. We never talk about but I let him cum in me. Deep down we both what to get me pregnant.

  • Enjoy! Good for you!

  • There is something very special about having sex with your mum! There's no other sex like it and it's so hot because it's your mum!

  • Last night I went home and the door was locked. Before I could get my key in the hole, my mom opened the door with a smile. Then she turned around and walked away from me. I immediately noticed she was only wearing a t-shirt and it was her great naked ass walking away from me. I followed her to her bedroom. She turned around and I stared at her dark bush. She pulled down my shorts and underwear.

    My hard cock sprang free and she pulled me to the bed on top of her. She guided my cock to her pussy opening and told me to push it in. She was so wet it didn't take much effort to slide into her pussy all the way. I began fucking my mom and I came in about a minute. She just laughed and grabbed my ass holding my cock inside her pussy.

    Within a few short minutes my cock had gotten hard again. I started fucking my mom again, lasting about 5 minutes that time. She did the same thing again, and within minutes I was hard once again. This time when I fucked my mom I could hold out better. I fucked my mom to 2 orgasms in almost 15 minutes before I emptied my balls inside her pussy again.

  • Damn, you are so lucky to be able to fuck your mom.

  • I would given the chance!! It's so hot.

  • Oh yes. Reach around her when your fucking her doggystyle and grab her tits in your hands. Squeeze them, pull on her nipples, and hold on to them as your fucking her pussy!!

  • You all so sick first 99% bullshit but for the one percent thats fucked up.

  • Takes one to know one.

  • Shut the fuck up!! You're the one who can't stop reading this shit!!!

  • No having too much fun laughing at your bull shit and enjoy wrecking it.

  • There is nothing fucked up about families being intimate

  • There is nothing more sick then family sex. The fucking panty lovers are better then the incest lovers.

  • My mother found out about my panties and pantyhose fetish and used them to coax me into a sexual relationship with her. I know it's forbidden and unusual but I simply cannot help it anymore
    Dad has been in a consensual relationship with my sister and my mom's consistency and relentless desires convinced me that it's not that rare or unusual . She found out I have been wearing her underwear and now she insists I dress up for her. She gives me nylons to wear and the feeling of pantyhose and panties gets me hard and mom knows it! I love my mom and don't plan to stop giving her my affection.

  • Your opinion

  • Agreed!!! It's called love

  • Hope lots of families are showing love during the lockdown.

  • Exactly, has there been a better time to show your family love?

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