I am tired of women who judge a man by the size of his wallet

I have been searching for the right woman for years but 95% of the women i meet online only want a man who either has loads of money or is hung as a horse!
it gets tiring after a while its already been proven that a normal healthy woman outlives a man by 2x his life span so why would i look for a woman to take care of when i know i wont be around forever to take care of her!
& these days no ammount of money you leave behind is enough to take care of
a lazy jobless leach forever!
since real women just was not working out of depression i started looking toward transgenders but while they were willing to get a job they were not willing to take care of their health!
& the more like a real woman they look the more plastic like they feel
& i am serious one transgender i dated had skin hard as rock on her thighs & breasts! witch meant she went to a street doctor & street doctors became street doctors because they could not be real doctors!
normal silicone implants feel like real breasts but defy gravity!
so i quickly got tired of dumb bimbo transgenders & now i am back to dealing with normal female gold diggers & their bs! life is funny!

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  • I'm tired of women who see my penis and change their minds. Can't help that I am gifted. Women really don't want men with truly large genitals. They see me and make some lame excuse. I have feelings too.

  • Me too, I kicked so many women out of my life, it was insane.

  • I have always lived very frugally and when I started dating my current wife I could tell she was not to impressed with my car or my house the first time she came over. She slowly learned that I was not working which sent up warning flags for her, she asked if I was a drug dealer or something. I told her the absolute truth about why I did not have a job and she laughed and told me drug dealer would be more believable. We got to know each other better and took a few trips together, she looked at me about a year into dating and said "you were not joking about why you do not have a job weren't you?"
    Once I was more comfortable that she like me for who I was and not my bank account I shared more and more with her but I had dated several women before her who never went past a couple of dates just based on what they saw early on in the relationship.

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