I want to suck c*ck all the time! It thrills me to make other guys cum in my mouth! I like to be in public after sucking, secretly knowing that I just swallowed another guy's cum!

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  • That’s very arousing and a great idea

  • Your not a real faggot. Know how I can tell? No self respecting fag would be ashamed to suck a little cock. Fake shit for sure. Can't wait for schools to open. Clear some of these kids of the site.

  • Come over here right now and blow me you little faggot. Why don't you open a new delivery service. Called BJ on the Spot by Johnny. I'll be your first customer. Here's Johnny!

  • Yep count me the fuck in on dat shit. Tired of the little Chinese boy and his wong tong.

  • Chinese boy and his wong tong, LOL. My wife just called and told me to pick up Chinese, LOL. How the shit can I order now without laughing in the guys face. How about an order of some young boy.

  • Don't be cause I love getting blow jobs a lot. Since my fucking fat ole lady doesn't care to perform them then you can be my new boy. Hey boy get on your fucking knees and start sucking!

  • I hate fucking faggots. Their assholes are all stretched out of whack. No fun at all. I need a virgin asshole. Any takers?

  • I'm game. My hole is still nice and tight. Just started experimenting with anal. My name is Rich.

  • Why don't you relocate to SF or some place like that and go to the gay fucking pride parade. You will come home with your tummy filled full of seamen. You fucking faggot bitch you.

  • Nothing to be ashamed about at all. I love sucking another guy off and swallowing their yummy warm loads. Maybe we could suck each other's cocks? Would be nice. Don't you think?

  • I want to taste your cum(Lance)

  • Open wide here it cums Lancer honey.

  • Just an arsehole

  • Is it nice and tight or all lose and juicy. I prefer lose and juicy the best. I'll fill your arsehole so full of jumbo cock your eyes will spin around in your head at least six times.

  • Up your poop shoot you fucking sexy queer faggot bitch.

  • Shut up you homophobe asshole. I bet you want to suck dick also. Now admit it.

  • Okay I do so fucking what? Want me to suck you off? I'd do it anyplace anytime lover.

  • Stop it you are making me so horny and my left hand is so raw from stroking my tiny cock.

  • Ohhhh, hope you brought some condoms.

  • Nope I love fresh tasty seamen swimming in my asshole and mouth along with my stomach.

  • What the hell for? Who wants to suck hot cum out of a condom? Give it to me fresh from the tap.

  • Yeah baby fill my mouth right up. First with a nice big huge cock. Then a huge load of yummy hot cum. Yahoo!

  • What do fags call condoms? Seal a meal

  • You dirty little cock sucker you. When I was in jail. I saw these two little punks fucking and sucking each others dicks. You know it was totally disgusting. I told my celly he better not be thinking of me like that or I would beat the shit out of him.

  • But you jacked off every night to the sight of those two little twinks didn't you? Eventually broke down and sucked off your celly

  • Fuck ! You figured it out. They made me do it. They bent me over and gang raped me all night long. Now when I shit the poop doesn't even touch the sides of my asshole. Want to come and fuck me too?

  • So you didn't get laid. I would rather have some.

  • I have the same feelings my sexual brother. I would love to be sucked off by you right now. Then I want to go down on you too. Sucking dick is great.

  • I want to fuck another guy in his ass or be fucked in my ass.

  • Who doesn't?

  • Probably Trump. He's missing out right now. Could me sucking off Pence LOL!

  • Nope your momma and wife are on their knees trying to get their coronavirus checks. Ask them if they can find mine. I guess I make too much money.

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