Showing off my wife

My wife and I are both in our sixties, but ever since meeting her nearly 30 years ago my greatest pleasure has been seeing her dressed really sexy when we are out socialising. The sexier she looks and attracts more attention from other men, the more I love it. I have bought nearly all her clothes and shoes since we met and always skirts that are quite short, hundreds of pairs of stockings and lots of stiletto heel shoes. When younger she posed several times for glamour websites which gave me enormous pleasure knowing that anyone in the world could see her , but she now feels too old to continue doing this although there are sites especially for mature ladies which I would love to see her stripping for all to see. Any ideas how to encourage her ?

Apr 12

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    • My wife is 65 and still has a good body. She doesn’t think so. Once at a hotel my wife and I were out on the balcony. I had playfully taken her top and bra off and was playing with her t***. She was having a good time when we heard voices from the balcony next to us. There were 3 guys in late 30’s to early 40’s and 1 that looked to be in his 20’s. One of them had walked to the edge of his balcony to get a better look. My wife whispered that we should go in the room because she thought the people on the next balcony could see us. Then we heard him say dude, your woman has awesome t***. I whispered to my wife we can go in the room if you want but I want to show them your t*** first. My wife said she couldn’t do that. I said sure you can just come with me. I got up and took her by the hand and walked to the edge of our balcony where they were all standing now. My wife was hiding behind me. I said do you all want to see my wife’s t***? They all said absolutely! I pulled her from behind me and she and she said OMG no! I held her so they could get a good look at them and said be nice! She squirmed a little knowing they were all seeing her bare chest. They all complimented her on how nice her t*** were. She looked at them and tried politely to say thank you. I released her and the guys kept talking to her telling her how nice they thought her t*** were. She laughed and said you guys are half my age. They said no way. She said I’m 65. They said no way! I smiled and shook my head yes. One of them pulled out his phone and asked to take a picture. He said his friends wouldn’t believe she’s 65. She said make it quick and let him take a picture. We went into the room and she said well that was an embarrassing ego boost. Then laughed and said I can’t believe I let those young men see my t***. She hasn’t been shy about showing them since.

    • We are both in our 60s+, both retired. Her body is quite in good shape for her age. We move around naked indoor excepting a golden chain around her neck and me with a cock ring! We do lots of touching, hugging, kissing, fondling her boobs, sharing porn and enjoy her pussy and she my cock. She now do not use bra or panties... Yes, we do have monthly parties with like minded 3 couples in the neighborhood! A good life for us all!
      During college vacation we invite part-time young job seekers and if she fancies any of them they indulge in sex in front of me.

    • I would love to see your wife strip her clothes off at her age! I would love to lick her beautiful feet and go up from there!

    • I always enjoyed showing off my wife. She looked great in short skirts and halter tops. After we had been married for a few years, I saw some porn where married women were fucked by one or several guys while their husbands watched. I found this very exciting, and I decided to see if my wife was interested. When I first brought it up to my wife, she said that she couldn't do that because she was a married woman. I told her that it would be fine since I, her husband, wanted her to do it. Soon she agreed, and first she fucked one guy while I watched and then quickly she started fucking two to four men at a time. Over the next ten years, my wife was fucked by over 100 men, all while I watched.

    • I would love to see her. Please email me You could put her photos up in the mature section of I post naked.

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    • That dude sells kiddie porn over the internet!

    • So we are yet another couple in our 60's. Still in good shape with 34B breasts that don't support. Fortunately, we are in Europe where attitudes are more relaxed. When in France, when it's hot, my wife will be topless most of the time at home, on the beach and even by our shared pool.
      We had a heavy delivery, and the guys surprised me by offering to bring it all the way into the kitchen. They carried it in and there she was topless in just a pair of panties - which clearly showed her trimmed pussy too. I was really proud of her as she just carried on as usual, tits on display, while the guys were sorting things out.
      Of course, in the best MILF porn movies this would have led to our two delivery guys double-teaming my wife before they left, but sadly that did not happen!

    • My wife and I are in our sixties also. We both are heath conscious and still fit. My wife still looks great but didn’t feel comfortable wearing the sexy clothes and short skirts anymore because she thought she shouldn’t because of her age. I tried to convince her she was still hot in her sexy clothes but she had given those up. Then I booked a vacation out of the country to a beach that it was legal for women to go topless. My wife still wears a bikini and looks very good in it. I talked her into going topless for me there by convincing her that it was ok because she would never see these people again anyway. She was self conscious at first because she was “60”. She still has nice looking breasts and I knew it but she didn’t see herself that way anymore. After taking her top off and going topless a few days she got a little more relaxed about it. Then I took her for a walk down the beach where it was a little more crowded and most of the people were active and probably 20 years younger than us. The younger men definitely took notice of my wifes pretty t*****. They weren’t shy about looking at them and some even commented to her how nice she looked. She commented later that she couldn’t believe the younger men looking at her admiringly. I assured her that she was still very attractive at 60. I took her back to that area several times just so she knew it was not a fluke that younger men still thought she was pretty. There were spring breakers in their 20’s and 30’s that talked to us for a while and all the time admiring her pretty t******. Some even asked if they could have a picture with her. Latter she giggled about the young men looking at her topless. That trip gave her her confidence back and now she dresses sexy again. Maybe thats what your wife needs.

    • I am sure she noticed those young studs getting hard and they would have fucked her right then and there if they could. Probably 3 or 4 of them at once.

    • I’m sure she noticed as well. I’m sure it turned her on because when her nipples get hard they are almost 3/4” sticking out. They were definitely hard and the boys were quite fascinated with them. Im sure there were 3 or 4 that would have taken turns on her if they could have. I think she realized the same thing and that was keeping her nipples hard. She was a sport and let them look all they wanted. She might have been fantasizing about them all taking her for all I know.

    • Where do you live?

    • I realized early on that men’s eyes were drawn to my wife when we were dating. I found that I enjoyed them watching her, especially if we were going to a special function. The guys were usually married but they looked at her wearing their black ties, just like guys bowling. She told me early on that she dress half for me and half for the other guys. I’ve encouraged her to dress as sexy as she wants and I know some of those guys have fucked her. If you give her permission to strip for guys would you be ok if you found her bent over a couch one night with a guy half her age fucking her? The more you encourage her to dress sexy, don’t be surprised if some 28 year old guys been wanting to fuck her bareback for the past 10 years!

    • My wife does it all the time. I love her wearing sheer tops braless or unbuttoned in public and showing off her 38D girls. The more she does it the more I love her. We've only had good experiences as others are looking at her tits.

    • Do you have pictures?

    • Love to see your sexy wife


    • Would love to see pictures

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