Exposing my wife 2

Once did the showing off in the car thing. Going home up the M6 late one night after a fancy do. I was stone cold sober (driving!) she was completely rat-arsed and asleep Stopped off at the services and found a dark quiet spot and reclined her seat unfastened all the buttons on her dress and pulled off her thong, no bra that night. Fastened up her seat belt then set off again. Traffic was quiet but lots of lorries much higher than our car that got to look at her as I slowed down when overtaking them. Left on a small courtesy light on her side to illuminate her. What a buzz! Went all the way home with her like that, only fastening her up later to get her out the car into the flat. She slept all the way and never knew. Don't know what I would have done if police stopped us or had an accident!

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  • I am not keen on my sisters filipino partner coming back to australia. they are going to abuse her. she doesn't need to be treated like a spastic by black niggar scum monkeys who come from the there. I hope she sees what they are and comes home and tells him "don't bother coming back asshole!"

  • We live in Cheshire so we use the M6 a lot we a estate car and my wife strips off in the back as long as the motorway is quiet but she lets the lorry drivers watch her strip we have even gone in the motorway service areas and done some "dogging"

  • Have you any pics of your wife swop?
    If you want to see mine email to

  • I love to expose my wife as well

  • I’d very much like to see her and maybe swap pics

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