I Confessed To Barb

I bumped into Barb, my ex girlfriend's older cousin. We did some small talk and she invited me over for dinner. She was wearing a flannel housecoat, not dressed like a time before. At that time she opened the door and walked about in a see thru nightgown.

I could see her breasts has taken a toll from aging under the housecoat. Barb was braless and they hung low and flopped about as she moved around. As we sat around the table eating, I told her I haven't dated since Pam and I broke up three years ago. She asked me how old I was and I told her I'm 65 and retired. "I'm 75, Jon", Barb said. As she was cleaning off the table I couldn't resist of not touching her tush. She didn't say anything, but asked me if I wanted a beer or a shot or both. I told her both. "Well I'm going to have a Bloody Mary" she said.

"I noticed your eyes wandering about, what are you thinking, hun?" she said to me. I told her a flash back of the time Pam and I was here to work on her gas fireplace. "So?" Then I told her Pam was pissed because she was wearing a see thru nightie around me. "I must confess that I wore that to get your attention, but didn't think Pam would come too", answered Barb.

"I got a confession too", I said and drank a stiff shot. I told Barb what I saw thru that nightie gave me naughty thoughts and dreams for a long time. "Like what?" she asked. Then I told her that night as I was screwing Pam, I visualized Pam as you. I had the hardest boner pumping that kitty and calling you dirty names in my mind. Then I had a dream of you taking my manhood out, while dressed in that nightie and jerking it off onto Pam. When you was at the family cook out, I visualized you topless in the pool. "Oh my! so you was thinking naughty thoughts when you felt my butt and stared at my tits while we was eating". Barb let out a chuckle.

She asked if her aging body still turns me on. I said we are all getting old and I still get boners and I stood up showing the bulge in my pants. "Would you like to be friends with benefits? You help me with home repairs and I help your sexual urges", asked Barb as she placed her breasts on the table. She then told me we can act out that fantasy I had with Pam, but it be the real thing. "OH Baby YES!" I said. Then I got up and stood behind fondling her breasts.

We dropped our clothes on hallway floor while walking to the bedroom She turned around and saw my package. "Baby you got what it takes to please this old gal!"

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