I have always had this disire to watch my first wife fuck another man.
She was too conservative and church goer
We got divorced and I found me a gorgeous woman her name is Tina.
Tina is 2 years younger than me.
She is hot.
4’11” sandy blonde petite with a round tight ass.
Tina loves sex and i told her when we got married she ever wanted to have another guy
We can be open about it.
Well after 3 years she have had no indication she would.
I work nights
My son stays with us in summer.
He is 18 now just graduated high school.
Tina has made comments about how cute he is
And any girl would be lucky to have him.
I have seen my son checking her out before so i knew he was interested.
I have home security cameras set up and i placed a hidden one in my bedroom.
Tina knows nothing about camera.
I told Tina one day when we were lying in bed and she had mentioned Billy my son.
I looked at her and said go for it.
You know how i feel maybe you can teach him something.
Days of looking at camera and nothing out of ordinary.
So one day i had to work in an hour. I was flirting with her.
We were having sex and I intentionally didn’t satisfy her.
Left her horny.
She was begging me to finish her before i left but it was late and she knew i had to go.
Before i left i told her hey there is another cock in house if you get desperate. She smiled and said stop it and I kissed her goodbye.
The next day i had to see dvr and reply the night before.
Tina was in living room watching tv after i left.
My son was there also
Imthey were having small talk nothing special, yes my camera’s have sound also.
Tina was in jeans nothing special.
It was going on 8 and she got up and left room.
She went to shower
I switched to bedroom and when she got out of shower i could see she had shaved herself bald.
She does that from time to time.
She got out her black laced panties and t shirt.
Few minutes later she was in living room.
Her shirt was thin and i could see her little nipples poking through shirt even on camera.
She sat down Beside Billy. They were talking again and she started asking why he didn’t have a gf.
He said he didn’t need one.
She leaned backand they went to watching tv again and she put her legs across his lap.
Soon his arms were on her legsand she said can you rub my legs?
They are sorr on the back of my calves.
He was rubbing her legs and i could tell she was still horny.
Her shirt she edged it up so it showed most or her legs .she rolled over and had him rubbing the backs of her legs.
She moaned as he squeezed and rubbed her legs.
She said rub my back.
He leaned up and started rubbing and then turned up on his knees rubbing.
I could see her black panties sticking out.
Billy could too and was not taking his eyes off her ass.
His hands worked up and down her back raising the shirt more and her entire panty cover ass was soon exposed.
She raised her hips some i know teasing him. She knows she has a hot ass.
I look at time i been watching video for a hour now. Tina gets off work at two so i have plenty of time i get up and lock the door just to make sure Billy don’t come in. He should not because he thinks I’m sleeping
But playing safe.
My cock was getting hard and i had to free it.
Billy kept rubbing through her shirt and tine takes and stops him pulling her shirt up she takes it off with her back facing him and only her panty covered ass.
She looks over her shoulder and smiled and says keep rubbing dear.
He went on rubbing her barr back for awhile andand she rolled over under him
He was on his knees straddling her he looks away because her bare tits are pointing at him.
She said look at me she takes herhands and pulls at him to lean forward. She leans up and kissed him on the lips.
He went to raise
Up but she held him and kissed him some
She takes her hands on his shoulders and pushes him down raising up she pulled her panties down and off.
She shoves him down and he took a hint and started eating her.
I have my cock out stroking it now as I watched my son and wife thrusting her hips up into jis face. She used her feed to oush down his shorts
Pulling at him ahe pulls him back supit was instinct and he was in her quickly.
I watched her come almost immediately.
Bill didn’t take long either and Tina kept comming
I have watched them fuck a half dozen times so far and Tina does not know i know. Yesterday i fucked her hard and long before i left for work.
Our sex was as intense as ever almost like the first time.
I just watched the dvr again.
She fucked me then fucked him when i left.
She has yet dont know that I know she is fucking him.

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  • Wife Katy and I have safe fuck spot in the back yard. It's surrounded by bushes and a hedge. We do it in FS in broad daylight. the only view is from our bathroom window. We're pretty kinky, made some homemade porn. Love watching me fuck her, she calling me the wrong name. She does that so I bang her harder. Bitch!
    After a year the thrill is gone. I think she's fucking her boss. I don't judge, I say let's split and openly date and not sneak around. money is tight we paid big bucks for the house. She says lets be housemates, date and get a divorce when one of us finds a keeper. So we both date. She is fucking that boss. I pick up a girl at bar and bring her home, have sex - Katy scolds me for fucking a bar fly.
    Says she'll still have sex with me till a find a nice GF. don't fuck another bar fly.
    I hear her and the boss Bob and her go at. The next day we do it at the old FS.
    I say why don't Bob and I spit roast you. She says you and I would like that, he wouldn't. Then she says how about I take him to FS and you can watch from the bathroom. And they do it there with me watching 6 times. And she loves knowing him jerking off nearby watching. The boss gets transferred we get back together. And we still do in Fuck Spot 20 years later. And she still calls me Bob sometimes. Bitch!

  • I was 38 when i took on a 18 year old lad and i guess i brought it on myself as he was soon between the legs of my 39 year old wife .I made the mistake of thinking she`d never do such a thing and id rip any ones head of who touched her but at first i just stood back out of sight and watched him taking her from behind .She was sighing with pleasure her skirt hitched up and her panties still round one leg.He had once claimed he had a good 7 inches and by the moans and gasps coming from my wife i have no doubt it was fully up her.

  • I WAS STASTIONED ABOARD A DESTRYER AT pearl harbor and the4 ship was getting ready for a 6 month cruise to west pac ( the far East) and being we just got married to a Polynesian Hawaiian gal 3 years younger than I I went and bought a security system , cameras, recorder and a big hard drive with remote and installed the system myself in one night and the only person that knew anything about it was myself.
    Three days later I got the chance to try it out for I had duty aboard the ship over night, I went into the ET shack after taps and logged in on my system and right off the bat I go a eye full. There was my wife nude pole dancing which she does as income and she really doesn't need to practice for she's that good but the camera also caught three of my buddies in the back ground all in the state of being undressed. What the fuck....

  • When I met my wife she was recently divorced, and we hit it off right away. She told me from the start she would still hook up with her ex husband for sex because it was so familiar and easy and she didn’t want to sleep around. It took a long time for her to stop going back to him, it’s been four years and he still comes around maybe once or twice a month when I’m not home.

  • Was always a possessive jealous boyfriend with my old girlfriends. Met my wife Beth at ski resort cabin party. Everyone was staying over. I was with my old GF Jill. There was 2 big dorm rooms, each slept 8. We slept right next to Beth and her boyfriend who fucked her all night, me doing Jill most of the same time. Everyone had enough to drink. Before we leave I get Beth's number. We get married in a year. Never been the least bit jealous. She loves dancing with other guys because I suck at it. I figured with the old GFs I was protective of not letting them have sex with someone else. With Beth, she shattered that concern 10 minutes after I met her. And it was hot. So hot I had to have her. She says it was hot watching me fuck Jill. We both have long leashes.

  • I had that same fantasy, wanting to watch my wife with another man. It happened once, unplanned. We were at a beach bar, she was in a bikini with a covering over her and the sun had set as we sat at a table watching a guy play his guitar and sing to the bar. She said I think the singer is flirting with me, he winked at me. I was turned on by the attention my wife was getting, she was tipsy and he definitely was checking her out as he sang and she sat there. I told her to give him a show, and she pulled her covering up to show her all legs and opened the top to show her cleavage. She was now playfully flirting back and it was fun. My wife was 38, mom body, nice legs butt and boobs and a pretty face. The singer was maybe 28, muscular beach body type and a guitar playing singer, so my wife was very flattered. When his set was over, we had been drinking all day and she was pretty sauced, and so was I. I went to the bar to get another round and he was at the bar, I told him my wife wants to meet him and bought him a drink and told him to take her drink to her and have a seat. He went and sat with her, and I sat at the bar. They talked and were whispering in each other’s ear and lots of touching on the legs and back and arms. I sat with them and we had a flirty time. We said we had to go and he walked with us, he said he had to go too. Our beach rental was down the beach. We stopped about halfway, in the dark beach on the sand he had sex with my wife. Missionary, kissing her all over, and came in her. I walked her back and we had sex in the rental. She didn’t want to go back to that bar the next night, she was so embarrassed but she enjoyed it, she never wanted to talk about it.

  • You pull yourself off too much you jerk

  • I married the woman of my dreams. Her name was Tina. We had two children. A daughter and then a son. My wife was the boss of our house. I had to ask for anything I wanted like money or a day with my buds. She ended up cheating on me with her boss. She lied to me about so many things. We were going to patch things up but I draw the line after she bought a town house close to her fuck buddy of a boss. We got divorced and now I am remarried. Fuck all Tina's they are fucking lying cheating whores. Every last one of them.

  • I knew your wife..
    Yes she was easy

  • Your fibbing

  • Now stop the bull shit Buddy

  • Your son is so lucky. Your wish has come true about someone fucking Tina. I bet you cum so hard watching them. I bet your son is blowing a big load into Tina's pussy too.

  • Tell Tina , Dave says hello. I fucked her really good a few years back. Would love to fuck her again and soon.

  • Well your not going to you arsehole

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