Girlfriend's nudes

I have been in a relationship with my girl and she's absolutely great (she doesn't give me any problems). She is physically attractive and beautiful.

She does allow me to take photo of her nude, in lingerie or compromising positions. It drives me nuts and she allows it even though it isn't her thing.

What also drives me nuts on the side, is people seeing her lingerie or she compromises her posture. Get what I mean? Like wearing too low cut of a blouse and if it's windy, her bra would be exposed.

When she was at the chiropractor, when the chiro was laying his hands on her hips, I didn't like it but sexually it was driving me nuts. Like how the chiro could see the line of her panties on her tight pants.

However, at the same time, I don't like it when people can see her bra or panties by accident. Or by her choice of clothes. She does look after herself well but sometimes, she wouldn't be aware, like wearing a high waist panty and if she sits and lean forward, her panties are exposed.

If I wasn't around and people could see, I'd hate it. But if I was there to see it along, it makes me horny. Don't get me wrong, I do love her to bits. I feel so wrong for this. I posted a photo of her butt / lingerie (without her face) and the thought of someone fapping and fantasizing over her makes me horny too.

She looks great in some clothes, but I always feel like I don't want her to wear it when I am not around.

I don't even know what to say anymore :/

Apr 17

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    • Send me her worn panties

    • Chiropractors are perverts I personally know 2 who have lost their license for fucking patients who turned them in

    • Maybe if i am there they dont take advantage to peep? I dont know. But it gets me excited if i can see them seeing it

    • Whats your email?

    • You’re an idiot

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