Married but...

I've been married for about 15 years. I love my wife. We don't have sex as much as I like, but I guess that's too be expected after you've been married as long as we have. My confession is that I suck dick. I've had a male fuck buddy for about 4 years now. I'm off tuesdays and wednesdays and I work late nights. When she goes to sleep, I go out and go to my buddy's house. I get naked the second I walk in and we suck each other off. We have had sex probably 2 dozen times in 4 years. I'm on bottom. I enjoy it. He just prefers oral. I love doing it and don't plan to ever stop.

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  • I never sucked cock but I would like to try being a bottom. I love to play with dildos in my ass and wonder what I real one would feel like.

  • Is it fun to suck cock? I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I want to be the one who makes a cock stand up proud. I think I’d like to feel a hard dick rubbed all over my face. I think I’d lick balls really good too.

  • I absolutely love sucking cock. I'm glad the first guy to cum in my mouth didn't tell me ahead of time, because I would have chickened out.

  • Why stop? I am a hot gay male, and l spend a lot of time pleasing sexually frustrated straight married men.

  • I would like to try gay sex. I have a girlfriend but would like to have my ass fucked. Are you into that?

  • Yes.

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