Why so many tuff guys

Why are there so many tough guys on naughty post. People are just posting whether it’s a true story or a fantasy or whatever why don’t you keep your fucking comments to yourself. What the fuck are you on here for. Your real tough on here but your probably a punk. Stop the bull shit ass hole. I’m from Newark NJ if you feel tough come visit me. I bring u into the hood and see how tough u really are. SHUT the fuck up.



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  • You must have taken a look in the mirror today and decided to tell us what looked back at you.

  • Well spoken words my friend ...

  • Commenting is part of the process. You don't have to agree with them.

  • You sound like one of the tough guys you were writing about. Punk.

  • No I’m not a tough guy I don’t talk shit like u. Come to where I’m from and will see who’s a punk.

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