14 yr old boy desires.

Since i was 10 i would watch my 48 yr old adopted mom wash from my room.She was 5ft,with a slightly chubby body but it excited me so as i watched her i would masturbate.This happened every other day really.Mom always wore a corset while at the sink washing so one day when i was 14 she shouted son would you like to talc my back.Needless to say i was fully erect and wet as i approached the bathroom.She looked round and saw my excitement and said son its normal to be aroused,dont be embarrassed.She reached me her talc and i started but was fixated on her bare bottom so i pressed myself gently against her hips. To my amazement she said do you want to strip off,we have a few hours before the others get home. I stuttered as i got naked.My hard cock was now rubbing her hips for a moment.Mom then turned to me and complimented me on my cock. She then started to masturbate me slowly saying isnt that better son so i nodded. I reached round and started to feel her bottom and she asked me if i liked her bum.She took my other hand and showed me how to finger her.We were both saturated and suddenly i ejaculated right up in the air. She stared at me and started to unfasten her corset,now we were both naked. i threw my arms round her and fondled her everywhere as she did me.Mom then bent over and started to suck my cock for me so i reached round and masturbated her from behind and actually made her cum.Naturally i came in her mouth and she swallowed me all.Once finished we cleaned up and that was it. We continued this whenever we were alone, we would get naked and masturbate each other and sometimes mom would suck my cock.Once i reached 15 and she was 53 she said son do you want to go to bed so off we went. Mom taught me oral and showed me how to fuck her. She even introduced me to anal,this was awesome as i slowly slipped my cock inside her ass as she fingered herself. Her hips vibrating as i moved in and out and then ejaculated up her bottom. We were fucking each other until she was 70 and she still loved anal then.

2 months ago

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