Red headed sister in law

So my wife and I got married a year ago and I love my wife very much, she’s beautiful has big breasts and a nice ass, but one day we were at our wedding shower and I was talking to her older sister. Now her sister is about 34 and I’m 28 she’s a pretty redhead she’s shorter than my wife but still very attractive. Now at the time I had never thought of any of my wife’s sisters in a sexual way until this happened. Her sister was standing there with her son and she was wearing about a knee high dress, all of a sudden she turns and the light hit her dress and then you could see everything. Her perky tits in that tight bra, her thong that cupped her tight little ass just right and showed perfectly the outline of her vagina in the light. Almost immediately I felt horribly guilty on one hand I wanted to pull her into the bathroom start rubbing my cock on her ass and then on the other I love my wife whole heartedly and I never want to do anything to hurt her.
When we are having sex though my wife always gets me off but every once in a while her sister pops into my head while we are having sex and then I can’t get her out for the rest of the day!
I feel so guilty having these thoughts because I do love my wife so much but does anyone else have this problem or a solution to it?


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  • Red heads like to fuck. I dated a twin one time and they were red heads. They lived together, so I was always at their place. I saw them both naked all the time. Their thinking was they were twins and had the same body so if I saw one naked it was like seeing the other naked anyway. They got the bright idea the same logic applied to sex. They were true twins and thought they could share everything. My girlfriend shared me with her sister. They told me it would be no different than having sex with my girlfriend, so I agreed. Evidently there are things even twins shouldn't share, because my girlfriend became jealous after I fucked her sister. That was the beginning of the end.

  • You and your wife's twin must have fucked better together.

  • Isn't it funny how that shit happens. I never thought of my wife's mother in a sexual way neither. My wife and I are in our early twenties. I'm 24, she's 23. I met her when I was 20, she 19 and i have never looked at her mom in a sexual way. Not that she's a bad looking woman, actually she very nice looking. She's healthy and has nice tits at 43 years old. Anyway, I finally graduated and got my dream job with a nice ass salary. So we buy a nice house in the burbs with a swimming pool. I come home from work last week and my MIL is tanning nude next to the pool. My wife is still at work. I stopped when I saw her and was just amazed at how fucking hit she is. She has a way better body than my wife. I watched her for a few minutes, my dick hard as fuck, but I couldn't watch too long, my wife would be home any minute. I go back in the other room and started calling out my MIL name like I was looking for her. I could see her putting her bikini back on as I walked back into the kitchen and out in the deck. She doesn't know I saw her naked or that I want to fuck her now.

  • Then you went into the bathroom and busted a nut thinking of your MIL.

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