Fuck them niggers rioting.



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  • Most of them have no high school education..... that's why they can't get jobs and education is free...I don't see them rioting when shooting occur at the ghetto where young kids and innocent people are shot......

  • I will gladly shoot a few more. That's what we do here. Then burry them. Makes the corn grow super big.

  • I killed them when I was in Nam. Had no problem shooting one. I used an AK I picked up from a dead gook.

  • Communists are starting the riots. Stupid asses think communism will be better than freedom. But they also think fascism is right wing so they don’t know shit anyway. Fascism is only right of communism. And both are pure evil. Unfortunately they’re taking advantage of the genuine struggle of the black population. I hope they can see that and stop voting for their oppressors.....demoncrats.

  • Freedom? Freedom for whites maybe. People who keep saying the USA is "the greatest country in the world" are full of shit. If it weren't so fucking cold up in Canada, I'd move their in a heartbeat. This country is RIPE for armed insurrection and it won't be the blacks or other minorities leading the charge. It'll be all of the gun-toting MAGA neo-nazis doing the shooting. Mark my word.

  • How exactly are blacks being oppressed? I keep asking this question, but no one can give me a valid answer. I get answers like "more blacks in prison" or "low funding in black neighborhoods"
    Just because blacks commit more crimes, doesn't mean it's racial inequality, it just means they are dumb fucking criminals.
    And if their neighborhood is rundown, then get a motherfuckering job and pay taxes. How the fuck else they think neighborhoods get fixed up? TAXES.
    Either way, thses two things are NOT a race issue. There are dumb fucking white criminals and trashy ass white communities too. So they need to stop crying oppression and get a fucking job.

  • It's people like you that feeds the fire. Please stop the hate, come out of the darkness into the light. "what the world needs now is love sweet love" Yes I am black and knows the burning and looting is wrong, But look closely and you see whites stealing too. Their is only one race and that is human, good people, bad people are in mankind together, color of skin is not a scientific way of telling which is which. I hope you find peace one day through the truth that 'your mind hides from you cause of your ill mentality.

  • See this is where definition and understanding can get lost. When I say I hate niggers, I mean trashy mother fuckers who are all colors. Trashy Mexican, nigger. POS white, nigger. Rioting blacks, nigger.
    It's like Chris Rock said.. there is a difference between a black man and a nigger, and I hate niggers. Everyone should hate niggers, they fucking make us look bad.

  • Yes we niggas hate niggers . Fuck them porch monkeys.

  • Well, if you have your own definition for a word, do not be surprised if you are misunderstood.

  • You don't know who Chris Rock is? He's the one that started it.

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