Risky past

Before all of today’s apps for gay hookups, in high school I used AOL chat rooms and met up with many men, mostly older than me. I had a few hookups with other boys in school, but they weren’t experienced and were often hesitant to go all the way.

The men from the chat rooms would meet me either at school to pick me up at the park across the street or at a park down the street from my house. Even though we were taught in sex Ed to always use condoms and to practice safe sex, almost all of them would fuck me bareback (without a condom), many were married and had kids. Most wouldn’t even ask if they should put a condom on, they must have hoped I wouldn’t ask or wait they must have assumed I would ask them to. It was such an addictive rush to have unprotected sex with complete strangers with luckily no consequences. I was very fortunate to have never caught any STDs, and wouldn’t have changed a thing about those experiences.

3 months ago

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    • I was thirteen when me and my friend graduated 8th grade and had been fairly promiscuous with older boys since as far back as 6th grade. We'd had almost three years of sucking and getting fucked almost once a week and sometimes more. Never any of them used a condom. We started hitchhiking to the forest preserve where are way too cute little asses were the hotspot to hook up with. We got picked up by a carload of 19 and 20 year olds and we had to sit on the laps of two of them in the backseat. They lit and passed around a joint which was a very sure way into the two of our boy panties. Soon I could feel it, the guys lap I was sitting on suddenly came alive. His hands were all over me as he kissed my neck then fondled me through my underpants and my undone cutoffs. The feeling of his touching me and his hardon prodding me I became insanely insatiable . With my cutoffs hastily shoved to the floor I faced him straddling it in just whte cotton briefs with my arms around his neck I pulled myself up kissing him and whispering "fuck me....please." He fumbled with his zipper and with cock in one hand he ripped the bottom out of my underpants exposing my perfect little cheeky boy's ass. I didn't have to be told as manhandled the warm soft flesh one cheek to the next as I wiggled and lowered onto it. All in, my legs tightly wedged between the car door and the guy next to him trembling with fearful excitement my boypussy spasming with the fullness of my first large black cock. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck dat white boipussie his friends chanted. We sucked got fucked and lost our fears of what would happen if a black guy got ahold of us. I enjoyed being manhandled and so did my friend. Both of our pert little asses hurt but the hurt didn't go away and it turns out that we both had chlamydia and our parents found out that we'd bottomed with someone who we didn't know.

    • It was summer 12 years ago at age 8 i lost my virginity. At summer camp that year I met a 16 year old camp counselor who made me feel so special. We met in the wood every day and he kiss and touched me. A week later he began undressing me and started ass play. Then one afternoon he was so hard and said he loved me, and want to make love. I was so scared I didn't understand and he said he was going to put his cock inside my ass. He said you kiss me all the time, you want to be a girl for me.
      I said, I love you too.

      I willingly let him lubed my ass and he took my virginity. He was fairly big and it hurt, but he kept say relax your so beautiful and you deep down want this. Then I start pushing back as he fucked me it suddenly felt so good. A few minutes later he filled my ass with his cum. The warmth of his cum felt divine.

      That night in bed i had my first real hard on. I realized my body was made for sex with men. And the thought of a touching a girl's body made me feel sick.

      He fucked me so much that summer, i loved him so much it felt so good I cried at the end of the summer. I want him and that feeling of cock in me all the time.

      It must have been how I acted with boys and men. Soon 3 boys from my block pickup me had sex with me daily one after the other. My underwear would be filled with cum from my ass. By 12, I had several married men as lovers. At 20, I still have multiple lovers and never have them wear condoms.

      I swallow multiple loads from guys everyday.

    • Me too. It seems that any boy who's a cute kid that likes other boys ends up having lots of unprotected sex with other boys and especially men. I have to admit taking bareback is the best. From an early age feeling cummed in was the ultimate feeling. No diseases here either though I had a scary experience at 13 when two cute little pantied bodysluts attended a twink party with twinkies and the older guys who wanted them. Drugs,fucking and sucking was unrestrained. Those boys in panties looking like little girls were me and my friend during the summer before we started freshman year. My friend got numerous treatable STDS and I was spared for some reason?

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