Attracted to schoolgirls

I'm sexually attracted to adolescent schoolgirls, especially when I see them in their uniforms. I've never touched one but I like to fantasize about them and masturbate.

At first I struggled with those thoughts and I was ashamed of them. Then I learned to just accept that's how I am and enjoy my fantasies. They can't lock me up for what stays inside my head.



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  • Double Penetration with friends daughter

  • Rihanna she's called

  • I like school girls who are 13-16. So sexy!

  • Sick fuck.... why don't you cut your fucking balls off. Anyone who even thinks about little kids in that way is a sick fucker.

  • Absolutely! It can really fuck up your orgasm if you feel guilty for just thoughts! So, as long as you aren't actually doing it, just keep enjoying your fantasies and masturbating to whatever you want and enjoy your orgasms! :-)

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