Pregnant by sons

First I'm a 33 year old woman, 5 feet tall and 200 lbs. Blonde hair, blue eye and pretty. I have twin sons who are 18. (BTW They think I'm perfect and the most beautiful woman in the world).

Their father was my cousin who I loved. He died in Afghanistan War early in 2002. I was pregnant by him and he never knew. I was only just 15 when he made me pregnant. I have not been with another man all these years.

Almost 90 days ago, the lockdown started with us in our small apartment. My period had ended the day before. Long story short, it was my birthday and my son and I all drank to much. The next morning we woke up naked in bed after having sex many times. Their cum still dripping from my pussy.They were incredible in bed. Their father was the only other man I had sex with. Both had bigger cocks and could go a long time. They are also tall, muscular and so handsome.

I got up to shower, then I heard them come in the bathroom and both peed. The shower door open and they came in. I said, "Please boys this can't happen again." They just started touching me and kissing me, I just surrendered to them and they took turns inside me both cumming in me.

The sex has not stopped one day. I was in haven, two beautiful young men making love to me multiple times a day. For the first time in my life I felt truly alive and they worshipped my body, saying it was so much better than girls their age.

Then at 6 weeks, I realized I had not had my period. We left the apartment and got pregnancy tests at CVS. I was pregnant by one of them in less than a month.

I'm keeping the baby, they are so happy about being fathers. They have even said they want more children with me.

I'm so scared. About more children after this one. But when I'm in bed with them, feeling them kiss me. Then being taken, one in my mouth and the other in my pussy I feel the world is perfect and want what they want.

Our Incestuous love has brought me pleasure and true happiness. I feel so safe and loved by them.


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  • Birth control should always be used with family. Rubbish post

  • Trash.

  • So your under age sexual relationship with your cousin resulted in sons that have now impregnated you, a beautiful woman that hadn't had sex since getting knocked up at 15?


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