I slept with a trans woman

Years ago I slept with a transgender woman. And i must say it was actually fucking amazing. I have no attraction to men, i know it sounds weird being this person at one point in time looked like a dude. Anyways, how it started was one night i was horny as fuck. It was months since i last had sex. I was online, came across a person who looked sexy as hell. Cute, nice titties and ass. Didn't even know at first it was a trans woman. We chatted for a bit, when she said she was a trans woman i did pause for a little but it definitely got me interested. I mean you wouldn't even know just from looking. We ended up meeting. She met me at the door with a kiss. Pulled inside the room and we started undressing while making out. She laid on the bed naked. I wont lie, it was kinda weird seeing this person, all woman features except for a small dick between her legs. She played with me. Gave me the absolute best blowjob ive ever experienced, no lie. I ended up playing with her little dick for a bit. Stroking and massaging it while playing with her asshole. The moment she turned around and bent over for me to fuck that ass, i was so hard and horny i just railed it right in. She moaned, i reached around and jacked her off while i fuck her ass. About 10 minutes in, she stopped me. Pulled my cock out and started deep throating me. I was in heaven. We fucked on a chair, then back to bed, on the floor. And so much ass to mouth. I couldn't hold out any longer. I ended up shooting my load all over that sweet ass and gaping hole. I got dressed left. Never saw or spoke to her again. That was the only trans woman i ever slept with. Not saying its the last but it was definitely a great experience. Never even thought it would be so amazing. She rocked my world more than any natural born woman ever has.

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  • Would you married a Trans woman

  • Yet you never saw her again? Okay.

  • Nope. Kinda wish i did.

  • I would love to fuck a sexy tranny. I would do it in a minute.

  • I never thought it would be that amazing. Maybe one day it will happen again.

  • Would you let a tranny fuck u?

  • Im not sure, never thought about it. Not opposed to it. Only had a finger in my ass while getting head. Felt amazing.

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