My Son

Has anybody wrestled there young son and its very nearly got out of hand, with wandering hands in places where a son shouldn't put them, he likes wrestling,
one rainy afternoon at weekend we wrestled I didn't realise how strong he was,

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  • Wow, my son suggested we do naked wrestling, he is a big lad same size as me
    I am use to rough and tumble I do women's rugby in scrums I have been groped had fingers in my anus and vagina its all part of the game I give as good as I get its part of the fun when we finger each other, in the locker room some girls prank around and wrestle naked while we all watch, I told my son about this as he is thinking of joining men's rugby, I realised I shouldn't have I catch him watching me with a hard cock he keeps on about wrestling I think I know what will happen if we wrestle naked, I will get fucked,

  • Just go for it but tell him no one must find out. What happens under your roof, stays under your roof! Give your son what he wants!! Enjoy yourself and your son

  • Lucky you!

  • Parents should be taking advantage of the lockdown to give real sex ed lessons in daily orgies.

  • I think it should be one on one rather than orgies but sex education should definitely be taught at home. Everyone should lose their virginity to parents.

  • At least watching as a group

  • I don't think so, maybe later in life but it's important for a mother and son to have a private sexlife.

  • Starting how young?

  • 14-16 I think

  • I say younger. but i can only speak for me. i loved it

  • My son would hump me when we wrestle think it’s natural instinct

  • You've hit the nail on the head it is natural instinct. Many times wrestling naturally causes an erection because wrestling can be a form of foreplay. Maybe next time you wrestle try wrestling naked and see it your son will try to penetrate you. It's a great opportunity for you and your son to start having sex. Good luck!!

  • Wear a long t shirt and no panties next time. Enjoy

  • My son loved to wrestle.
    Yes had it happen to me.
    We were rolling around on floor his dad was laughing and cheering us on and i put him in a leg lock. He started rocking his hips like sex and i released the lock shocked . My husband didn’t notice .
    The next day Tom was at work i wanted to see if i was imagining it so I started wrestling andi leg locked him same thing this time i held tight to see what he would do he was humping me but did not know if he knew what he was doing so I released the leg lock i rolled over to try and get up and he was on my back and started humping my ass like a dog. I worked my was up on my knees as he had his arms locked around my waist giggling the whole time again and i fluped him on his back. Herolled out and knocked me over pinned me again
    I this time i leg locked him he got quite and started humping me i lay still and release my legs to see if he stopped but he kept doing it to the point i could feel he was hard pushing against my sweats. Il i quickly tried to roll him off but it took me a minute and I hurried to bathroom embarrassed.

  • That was terrible of you mom. You left your son with a terrible case of blue balls. You owe him a piece of pussy for being such a tease.

  • You shouldn't feel embarrassed, it's totally natural behaviour. I think your son may be ready for sex. Are you on birth control?

  • My husband and daughter are finish early mid week when I enter the house I can smell sexual activity a mixture of spunk and vaginal fluid, but I don't care they both seem happy, I am still getting fucked regularly

  • You should put your daughter on the contraceptive pill just incase. It's great that you are accepting of this situation! Like the person posted before me, perhaps you could invite your daughter into the your bed with your husband for a bit of family love?

  • Families should def sleep in a big bed to accommodate wild sex

  • I would love that!!

  • Just need several sets of sheets. they get soaked in sweat and semen.

  • That sounds hot!

  • Also hot is husband cumming in our daughters mouth and son cumming in mine and spitting it in each others mouths back and forth

  • Even hotter!

  • Should i go even hotter lol

  • Just think if you enter house sooner you might catch you husband and daughter fuck. Maybe you can join them and get a fuck too.

  • To add to my confession, Since we wrestled my son keeps suggesting we do it again, I keep thinking about his hands sliding down the back of my pants and feeling guilty about enjoying his hands on my bare bottom, at times my bra popped up revealing my tits I tried to put it back but he kept rolling me around, when his body was rubbing against me I could feel his dick pressing on me,
    to be honest I feel like giving in and letting him do what he wants, I know I am a bod mother.

  • Yes my mother bra pop open and her nipples were all hard sticking out. I grab her tits in my hand and suck them like a baby.

  • No, you are not a bad mother!

  • I used to see my mom's tits sometimes. They are just perfect for my taste, not too big, not too small. Even though she has a great body, I wanted to fuck her because of her tits. I wanted to squeeze them and suck on her nipples while fucking her pussy.

  • I had a similar situation with my daughter, we liked contact sport we decided to wrestle in our bra & pants it wasn't long before we were bathed in sweat and our hands were all over each other, I don't know if it was done on purpose when my bra strap snapped, she pulled it off me and giggled I thought I will give you a taste of your own medicine so I snapped her bra strap we wrestled longer ,I felt naughty enjoying our sweaty naked bodies rubbing together, at times our heads were between each others legs I could feel her sniffing my vagina, I felt her tong licking me through my pants, she pulled the leg of my pants and penetrated my vagina with her tong it felt I guilty but I was so excited so I opened my legs wide, I did the same to her, there is more but another time

  • Too bad you didn't have a strap on so you could have fucked each others pussy's.

  • It sounds like foreplay to me.

  • I thought this was going to be with his mother. That's what my mom and I did. As I got into my teens I would accidentally on purpose grab her ass, or a boob. When I was 17, pretty much full grown, I had my mom down on the mat with me sitting on her. It was summer so all my mom had on were some tight shorts, and a tank top. I reached down a started rubbing over my mom's pussy realizing she wasn't wearing panties. I knew she wasn't wearing a bra. My mom told me to quit, and knock it off, but didn't try to move at all. I rubbed her clit until my mom had an orgasm.

  • And what else happened

  • That was all that happened that night.

  • If you're lucky you and your mum might have sex?

  • I'm 40 now. My son and did that many times, then as a teen his hand started touching my ass. One day he pulled my short pants down and his finger went in my ass unlined. It hurt but it felt so good. I just gave in grabbed hand lotion from the end table pulled off my shorts and lubbed my ass and his cock which is huge 9 inches, mine is only 5 inches and within 5 minutes he was inside me. 30 minutes of fucking later he came in me. During the fucking my cock got rock hard I came twice.

    Ten years later we sleep in the same bed, he is in my mouth or ass at least three a day. I live for his cock in my body and him breeding me.

    He the only man who fucked me. I love swallowing his cum I'm his father but completely a submissive sissy to him. Wearing makeup and women clothes for him. I make a pretty woman BTW

  • Sounds hot. I love that you dress up for your son. 9 inches must feel great in your ass. Have fun.

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