My wife is still breastfeeding our 12 year old son and our 9 year old son. She seems to think this is ok but I disagree. Any ideas on how to get her to stop.

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  • My wife and I have two kids as well. A boy who is 14 and a girl that is 1 and she is still breastfeeding the youngest. I came home one day early to find my wife on the bed breastfeeding our 14 year old son while she was jacking him off and he was fingering my wife. I'm sure your wife is getting off somehow on your son sucking her tits at 12 years old.

  • Wow

  • Bullshit.

  • Do you think it’s sexual?

  • My mother breast fed me until I was 18 and moved out of her house, and yes, I was fucking her since I was around 11. I would strongly suspect that your wife is fucking your boys, not saying it's a bad thing to do, that is all just a matter of personal belief. I'm assuming that she is nursing you also, if not, you are missing out on some tasty fun.

  • I started fucking my step mom at 12 and continued until I left for college. We had sex for many many years after that when I would come home for visits. I am 50 years old and have been married for 25 years. My step mom is still the best fuck I have ever had. Let your boys learn from her it will benefit thier lovers when they are grown.

  • So you feed on her? Try that. If she says it’s sexual, she has a problem

  • My wife breast fed both our kids until they were eight. Her girl friends seems weirdly supportive.

  • Oh I bet your 12yo is wanking it every time he feeds off them boobies

  • This is a form of abuse.

  • I got pretty pissed off at my wife by our third kid. Her boobs became off limits to me, her puss went off limits only to be used for getting pregnant.

  • Same story here. When she wanted to get pregnant she would announce that she wanted to do it usually she would give me a weeks notice.

  • Yeah, that's messed up. Your boys are definitely going to develop a mommy fetish. Maybe your wife is diddling them too. Now, that would be messed up. As contradictory as it may seem, just offer to nurse off of her in their stead.

  • She needs therapy. Your kids are taking their cues from her and are innocent here. Get her to a psychiatrist.

  • Suckle on them also, enjoy it my friend.

  • It’s a form of intimacy. Make it sexual and she’ll stop... with them.

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