Cheated with personal trainer

I have always had a flirtaous side which is increased the more I drink and socialise. As a married woman this has caused strain on my relationship with my husband catching me out on a number of occasions.
Following a time when he did catch me out he decided I should do something that I could focus on and invest my time into that would take my mind off drink and other things.
I decided to join a gym and get into weight training. I started to really enjoy my training and it kept me from drinking. After a short time of training I decided to push my results to the next level and sought out a personal trainer. I saw a few before deciding to go for a guy who was recommended. He was a bit older so I felt safer that he wouldn't try anything.
After a while we became very close and I found he was such a lovely guy who was married and had two teenage daughters. We would speak outside of our training times and also meet up. He confided in me that he was in a loveless marriage and I think it was after this we became more flirty towards each other which then led to pictures being exchanged between each other. Our training sessions did become steamy where he would touch me intimately and this eventually led to us kissing.
It was approaching my birthday and I was planning a night out with the girl which would be the first time I had drank in over two months. I knew my trainer was out that night as there was a big event on in town which he was going to that day. We arranged to meet on the night.
I dressed wearing a top that showed my mid-drift as my figure had really improved since I started training and I wanted to show it off. I met my trainer in a bar by which time we had both already had had a bit to drink. He told me I looked beautiful and he looked amazing in his tight muscle top. We chatted and I eventually got separated from my friends remaining with him for the rest of the night drinking and chatting. It felt so comfortable and we held hands. We eventually kissed and couldn't stop. We decided to check in to a nearby hotel. It was amazing, I couldn't wait to undress him and I have never orgasmed so much and so hard.
When I woke up the morning in his arms I knew what I had done was wrong but still couldn't wait for him to have sex with me again so I tenderly aroused him under the sheets until he woke up and then we had sex again until he came inside me.
I took the morning after pill for precautions. This was something I was trying to move on from in my life but it felt so right and my husband is none the wiser. I would really like to do this again as I have never experienced sex like this before. Is this wrong?


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  • I don't think it's wrong to find someone to satisfy your physical needs if your partner can't do it. But even if it is wrong, that's probably the best part!

  • Are you kidding ? You bet your hot ass its wrong.

  • Haha, is this wrong, seriously?

  • At 32 I cheated with a black personal trainer. My marriage sucked at the time and I hit a low point but having a younger very hot attractive man flirt with me and eventually seduce me gave me such a confidence boost that I not only saw the affair as well needed sex but also a positive turning point in my life.

  • Did it improve your marriage situation ?

  • Not directly,but after having my "months of fun" I realised I needed to try and work things out with my husband and I we did and it did improve our marriage.

  • My wife has a hall pass when traveling alone or on a girl's night out (both rare for her, we live such busy lives) so long as it never spills over into our relationship. I give her privacy and let her have her fun, and in return she keeps it contained. Sometimes she'll tease me with the details of a past encounter if she's in the mood to share, and that's a lot of fun but we don't make a huge thing of it. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, as they say.

    But the she started having sex with her personal trainer. This is both the first local guy and the first ongoing affair. I was worried at first, but its actually been great for our relationship! We always have our best sex after she's been with someone else, and now we get to enjoy that on a regular basis! She's always his last client of the evening and they either just do it there before they leave or meet at a motel on the way home, and never meet up otherwise. True to our agreement she brings nothing home besides a wet pussy and a burning desire for more sex. This has been going on about two years now, and we both eagerly await for the gyms to re-open so they can continue!

  • That's how I feel. The whole situation makes me feel horny so my husband is getting good sex as I'm unable to get to the gym so lots of sexting going on

  • Yes its wrong because you're married, but also no because you also have needs and if your hubby isn't doing it for you then i kinda understand. Im not into cheating but i do understand the sexual desire.

  • Thank you. That makes me feel a little better

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