Riding the driver

I had sex with my driver.He is 58 and I am 28... happened while we were travelling to a different city last night.It was totally unplanned,we were tired so decided to stay in a motel to freshen up and rest.Since its only me and him,and it was supposed to be for a few hours,we took only a room.
It was a rainy night,once inside the room we dozed off .When I woke he was beside me,his face was near to mine.I couldn't resist kissing.He woke up then one thing led to another.Eventually both of us were naked and sweating on that cold night.He is 58 but his dick was 8 inches. He had it up my ass and my pussy with loads of cum in me.Our 2 hour pitstop lasted until late today morning. Something tells me ,this is just the beginning.

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  • Update: parents out of town. Had him in my bed all week. This is not gonna stop anytime soon lol

  • I had sex with my uber driver last month. He stopped out in front of my apartment but I was not ready. I asked him to wait a few minutes. He told me he could not wait and put his car in drive. I did not know what else to do so I told him if we waited I would make it worth his time. I was thinking maybe I would offer him a beer or something to eat. He put his hand on my arm where I was leaning on his window and said he was sexually frustrated and if I was willing to relieve his stress he would stay. I took him inside where he bent me over the kitchen counter and had sex with me. It was quick only lasting 3 or 4 minutes but it worked. He stayed until I was ready.

  • Men are such pigs. I hope you didn't let that nasty fucker cum in you?

  • He did cum inside me...

  • I am the one who left the comment not this fucktard who posted above me. And NO, he used a condom.

  • Sorry i thought she was asking the person who actually wrote the original post - ME! Sorry again.

  • Sorry, I thought you were another person who likes to hijack comments and post. Makes sense you as the OP would answer. Sorry I called you a fucktard. ~hugs~ ♡

  • :) its ok dear...hugs 🤗♥️

  • Wowwwww

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