Knight in shinny armmer

Hi everyone it Cassie from Lakeland well yesterday morning about 8 am I get a knock on my door it was him and he came in and grab up and those big arms of his and kiss me and ask me to come stay with him for a couple of days I said yes so I grabbed some dresses skirts pantyhose panties bras make up and away we went so he ask if felt safe with him I said yes I do so we get to his place and he tells to go to the bedroom and on the was this beautiful dress it had lace and some roses on it it was so beautiful I loved it so I got to the kitchen and I give him a big kiss and thank him I want you to wear that to dinner tonight I said yes and we kiss again and it was on from there I pulled my panties off and sat down on his big hard thick cock and I don't it was have way in me before I had a orgasm and we made love for about and hour let me tell you when this man cums you can feel it it's so hot well it still early so we go in bedroom and take a little nap together get and showered together then got ready in the bedroom I got ready in bathroom so I come out and he sitting in the kitchen and I come in and he says you look so sexy in that dress I said thank you he kiss and I kiss him it was great start to and sexy and beautiful night so we went to dinner had a great time when home that he just said make love under the stars tonight I look at him kiss him and we went outside and got naked and he was so gentle and loving and I got down on his cock and suck on it for awhile them he pulls me up rolled me over eat me out and then he slowly slide his huge cock deep inside me and took long loving strokes and made me have orgasms this man must of made love to me for and hour or it seem that way but when he was cumming he slowly push his clock so deep in me and I couldn't help but have a major orgasm it was such a great feeling to have orgasms together at the same time after that we cuddled and feel asleep woke up the next morning outside and naked it was so greatwent in cleaned up got dressed and had breakfast than a new day started with my Knight in shinny armmer

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  • Load of bull shit, piss off you lieing jerk

  • Shiny armour.

  • Armor...she is not British

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