I showed my wife's naked pictures to a friend she works with

For awhile now I've been showing semi nude and completely nude pictures of my wife to a friend of mine she works with. The first few times think he was in shock and was sort of speechless but has gotten to the point he now asks for certain poses and I try to help. One of the best comments he has made is "I'm going to kill you because now every time I see your wife at work I can see right through her clothes"....After awhile I let my wife see a few pictures I sent him along with his comments. She was a bit mad at first but has admitted his comments were really nice and also at work a few times she has teased him a little like leaving buttons undone on her blouse, a couple of times not wearing a bra and my favorite letting him peek up her skirt. My wife has dark brown hair and eyes (and below as well), 46 years old and her measurements are 34 x 24 x 34ish. My friend has even admitted to pulling up her pictures on his pc at work while talking to her not to mention needing to hit the men's room soon after. Does anyone else feel this is exciting too? Love to hear if so. Thanks

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  • Wife sometimes takes an Ambien with her wine. It's like sleep walking, VERY open to suggestions, NO inhibitions and I found out, NO memory. Started to see where she would go like that sexually. She would never allow anal sex, but she does about 1/3 of the time on Ambien. I have posted many videos of her beautiful pussy online that she has no idea I have taken, much less posted and actively share. Some guys have sent us videos of them cumming with her vids playing in the background. When she takes her happy drug, I will show those vids to her as I fuck her from behind. I love cumming in her as she sees a guy shoot a load to her pussy videos. REALLY glad she doesn't remember that the next day! Start with a little foreplay and you can email me at wifesvideos@yahoo.com for more that what you will just see there...so warm and wet...and so tight... no kids yet as you will see! They get much hotter, and remember she has no clue! Her 1 vid has over 250k views...wonder how many loads have been shot to her.. hmmmm

  • I am waiting for her to fuck him , it is leading up to that .... are you ready for that ?

  • Definitely exciting. I have done the same with my wife and some of our friends. They love seeing her nude pics and she doesn’t mind me showing them, she even makes vids for them calling them by name.

  • I would enjoy seeing your video or photos of you would share record674@gmail.com

  • Me and a female coworker (whom I'm friends with outside of work) were talking about sex tapes one day. She asked if my wife and I had ever made one. I told her we had and asked if she wanted to see if. She said no. We kept talking about it and I asked her again if she wanted to see it. She said no again. About an hour later after we had stopped talking about it, she asked if I really did have a video. I told her I did and got out my phone to show her. I turned on the video and held it up to her but she covered the screen with her hands and kept looking me in the face saying no. I told her I would hold it there all day, so she better look if she was going to. She kind of moved her hands apart to take a quick peek, but then moved her hands away totally, dropped her mouth open in astonishment, and asked if it that was really me. I said it was as she kept watching. She was amazed at how big I am and watched the whole video. We started an affair shortly after that. She wanted to see for herself if I was really that big.

  • I also enjoy sharing pics of wife

  • Sounds good how old are you first?

  • I love to share mine too

  • Sounds good how old are you?

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