I finally convinced my wife it was okay for her to
Go out with this guy that was hitting on her at work.
Keep it quiet and not to let him know i know.
So she set it up and told him i was at work one night and he came over. My wife doesn’t know i took off so i could spy and i made sure i could see in the window
Anyway he came over and hes about 10 years older than us. The started making out on couch
And it progresses to him eating her out and and then had a quick fuck he came quickly .
I went to work late after taking care of the stiffy it gave me.
The next day i asked her about it and she said he just came over and they talked but nothing
really happened.
Yes this turned me on even more. I asked why not and she said she was scared I would be upset. So the next night I asked if she wanted to again and she agreed more freely.
Once again i watch and it was more intense between them same thing he went down on
her and she came grinding her hips into his face.
Then he fucked her like before for a few minutes and soon left.
I quizzed her the next day and she admitted the had sex but ni details. I preessed her with questions trying mot to give away I watched but she said just kissed and sex
We fucked afterwards and it was as intense as it ever was.
That night he was there again. My wife ended up sucking on him some then rides him cowgirl
Sitting on the couch. Watching her ass grinding into him made me almost cum in my pants.
Yea I’m sick but watching her turns me on.
I told her we needed to find another guy a different one.

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  • What the fuck is a “Chuckold” haha, sounds like a wrestling move haha

  • Spell check cant fix once posted

  • This reminds me of my wife 20 years ago. We hadn't been married very long, little over a year is all. She came home from work all the time talking about this guy who just started. I could tell she liked him just by the way she talked. I also knew if given half the chance they would fuck eachother. So I asked her if she liked this guy, she of course said "yes of course, we are coworkers". Then I said, "No, I mean do you want to fuck him". She immediately got defensive and I knew I struck a nerve. I told her it was fine. If she wanted to fuck him, she could. I only asked that she not lie to me about it and that she get my permission before each time she planned on fucking him. She never said anything and stormed out of the room. I told her as she was storming out that if I found out she had not followed my rules I would divorce her. Two months later she asked me if I was for real about what I said. I told her I was. She then asked if she could fuck her coworker after work that night. I gave her permission and she went home with him that night. During our 20 year of marriage she has asked me a total of 5 times to have sex with someone else. Four of those times were with this guy early on. The latest and 5th one was a year ago when she met a guy at the place she was doing physical therapy. She broke her leg and was doing rehab. She thought the guy working on her was cute. She came home and asked of she could fuck him. Honestly it took me by surprise because she hadn't done it in 15 years, but I said yes. She came home disappointed because he was bad in bed. I just laughed at her.

  • The 4 times with her coworker, did she come home horny?

  • That's not sick, that was great! Your story actually makes me feel better, I have the same desire but my bf isn't into the same sexual ideas as me.

  • What ideas do you have? I love to hear womens' ideas!

  • Lol well maybe we can meet and not tell him

  • Ski Club rented a big cabin. Everyone had bunk beds. I'm on top bunk wife Mary Beth on the bottom. 3 AM I wake up to the bed rocking. I hear sex sounds. Half sleeping I look below a naked athletic guy was having sex with girl with her sleep shirt over her face. Like she had a bag over her face. She's holding the bed bars for deer life bracing herself, They pause a little and she sheds her shirt, it's Mary Beth he's fucking. OMG! I move mattress a little so I can watch and they won't see me. Now they're really going. "don't cum in me-- i'll blow you" she says. And he mounts her face, hold her head by her pony tale-- like a rag doll, while fingering her pussy,
    he goes off to another room soon after. Next day I'm not saying anything, she knows I'm pissed. "Guess you saw that". She said she was flirting with the guy, they rode the chair together all day, they were on the expert slops. She woke up to him kissing and things got too hot. She though she'd do a blowjob to keep him out of her pussy. Then he flipped her over and fucked her. "sorry" -- 42 years ago, her only unfaithful moment. I It felt bad because it was hot to watch and I didn't stop it. She's such a perfect wife, to have this one kink in her armor is OK.

  • It's not so bad. My wife opened her legs to other guys soon after we were married in fact even a year after she had our first child.She went off to a festival weekend with her friends because one of them was getting married. And in her words we stopped having sex after the baby was born.I thought she didn't want it much more. She was quite apologetic and regretful but I was intrigued as to how many guys she had.She claims she remembers about 4 and woke up with guys in her tent.She wondered why I was so curious so I said well I've forgiven you but I quite like this dirty filthy side of you.Then I dropped a bombshell on her. Would she do it again?

  • She fucked someone underneath you and you think it was a one time thing. Poor clueless smuck. You deserve this.

  • You don't suspect any other moments of infidelity since 1977? Because your young wife spread her legs and offered her married pussy so easily even when you were in the same room.

  • She should lock you in a cock cage make you a real cuckold, you will both love that

  • Had sloppy seconds with the wife but didn't know it at the time.

  • Hot. Please post more details about this.

  • In the beginning she lied to you about having sex with him. Now she knows you are truly ok with her screwing around , she is going to want more knowing you will not protest.
    She will be doing it behind your back when ever she wants and with whom she wants. you will soon be just a side show in her sex life.

  • We all have this hidden thing about sharing wife. You are doing good. Continue and one day you can share her pics / vid with us

  • Never had sloppy seconds. Would love to try it.

  • Sloppy seconds are great

  • Sloppy joe’s are better haha

  • I've had sloppy seconds without actually knowing it at the time. My girlfriend came home late from work one night, I was already in bed. She got in bed naked and started coming on to me. I woke up and we started having sex. I remember thinking that she was really wet and I easily slipped in, but didn't think anymore of it. Later she told me she had fucked one of her coworkers that night right before she came home. He never got her off and she was still horny, so she came home and had sex with me.

  • Very hot. Your girl is a hottie at work? How old was she at the time? She has done this before by bringing home fresh creampie?

  • She and I were 25ish at the time. I never wanted to be a cuckold, the only reason she told me is because I found out from her friend. I questioned her for cheating on me and that's when everything started making sense. She was basically a slut who fucked everyone. All the strange unaccounted absences. Late coming home from work, 2 hour trips to Walmart for a few items. Supposedly going to college classes, yet flunks out for lack of attendance. All these times she was out fucking someone else. I left her after she started admitting what she was doing.

  • Chuckold ? His name was Charles ?

  • Haha like someone said earlier, sounds like a wrestling move

  • Great comeback! Will laugh for a long time.

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