My dad

I don’t talk to my dad since i grew up and moved out of house and got married.
When i was little I didn’t know better
But he use to always be naked or in his underwear when we were home.
Never noticed till i got older but he never was like that when mon was home only when she was at work.
He never touched me or anything but many times he would stroke himself of just have a boner in front of me. I remember i use to make comments about it. Now that I’m older i just try to avoid him.

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  • Mom cheated on dad all the time
    I would hear her when i went to bed and dad was at work. I felt so sorry for dad and hated mom for it .
    I always secretly wanted to seduce dad to get even with mom.
    They got divorced and second best i seduced her bf.

  • I took my Dad from Mom. She always hated me, as her parents made her marry Dad because she was pregnant with me. Mom was only 16. The bitch never suspected, 2 years after the divorce she died at 39 in a car crash, she was drunk as usual.

    I was 18 when it started, moved with Dad when he left. 15 years later our life is fantastic and we have 2 kids and live as a married couple.

    Life is good, I love my Dad.

  • You should of seduced your dad not only to get even with your mom but to give your dad the love and support he needed. Having you in his bed would of helped him forget about your mom.

  • I have tried

  • And what happened?

  • Nothing never came out and told him just hugged and never had the nerve to take next step

  • That's a real shame. It's a really big step to begin anything sexual and sometimes you have to be brave.

  • I can remember my step dad use to have sex with mom in front of me all the time.

  • My dad had sex with me in front of mom. She didn't care. And told me it was my job to have sex with him. She said your lucky bitch, I had to have sex with my father and my 3 brothers.

    I actually didn't mine truthfully as I love my dad and he is a fantastic lover.

  • Family sex is fucking great! I wouldn't say having sex with your dad is a job though, it's just love and affection between family members.

  • My dad molested me for years
    Never told mom

  • Did you love/hate it?

  • Neither love or hate
    It was in comfortable cause i knew mom couldn’t know i was embarrassed to let anyone know

  • Why were you embarrassed? Did you and your dad have full sex?

  • It was just embarrassing to think about and yes he did everything.

  • No need to be embarrassed. You've done nothing wrong.

  • I was and 18 year old virgin when the lockdown started and it was just me and Dad. A week in I decided to give him my virginity, I knew he wanted sex with me and truthfully I've want him since i was 14. I am in love with him, and have never been interested in other men, I only my Dad.

    I don't know how it would be for other girls, but my Dad is a sex master, I cum so hard with him, and he lasts almost and hour every single time. He also cums ALOT. He almost drowns me when I blow him. It to much to swallow.
    For me incestuous love is the best.

  • When should a dad approach his daughter? I want her virginity

  • This is the best way to lose your virginity to someone you love and trust. Are you going to be a couple or is it a family with benefits situation?

  • We are a couple now. When the pandemic dies down we are moving to another state and live as a married couple. Dad and my late mom never married I have Mom's last name. My birth certificate say father unknown. So we could get married and no one would know. That what I want to be his wife.

  • Good luck to you!!

  • I'm so glad my father and I were together. It maybe incestuous but I never cum as hard or feel so loved as when I'm with Daddy.

    BTW it started when I snuck into his bedroom one morning and sucked his cock as slept. I had spied on his girlfriend blowing him and knew what to do. Daddy woke up a minute before he came and tried to push me away, but I held on to his legs. As he came his hand held my head in place and I swallowed. He pulled me to him and kissed me his cum still on my lips. That weekend we played and I learned. On Monday be dump his girlfriend. He knew is 12 year old daughter was his one true love.

    My husband and all the guys I have ever been with and even measure up to him, emotionally, lovingly or sexually.

    I'm 35 now, we started Daddy s the love of my life and a perfect man. He is also the father of my 3 kids.

  • You were a little young at only 12 but good luck to you both!

  • Me and my father are like you two. I don't want anyone but him as my partner. I only wish we could get married.

  • You should be allowed to get married! These laws are so wrong

  • Dude, what the frack is wrong with people telling some daughter to make move on her own father! You know,there’s a special section in hell reserved just for you. Have fun!😇

  • What's the problem??

  • I had the opposite problem, it was my mother who was always naked with me. She always seem to be touching me and made me shower with her. Until I was 30 and she died, she would soap me up especially my pussy.

    As a young girl I was so confused by it, and how my body reacted to it. When I was 10 she started fingering me until I came and made me do it to her. Soon after that started she began to make me lick her pussy. I hated it, but she trained me well.

    Its Ten years later I'm still a virgin with men and very confused sexually. I don't want a woman, but I only seem to get into submissive lesbian relationships.

    Mom fucked me up so bad.

  • That’s both hot and fucked up. Bull lesbians are mean as a snake and many women get abused mentally and physically by them.

  • I think it's just hot!

  • Wake up, your dad had a hard on you which you should be pleased about, he wanted you to make the first move because you made comments about his hard dick he thought you were interested

  • You should speak to your dad about it and ask why he was aways naked. He was clearly attracted to you like most father's. It is most father's fantasy to be sexually intimate with their daughters but most keep that natural urge hidden. Luckily he never touched you but what he did you were too young for. You should try to reconnect with your dad because it would be a shame to not have a father/daughter relationship. Have that chat with your dad and see if you can develop a new bond.

  • Most fathers are NOT attracted to their daughters, pedo.

  • Only paedophiles if the sex Is under age

  • I agree. All adults should have the right to choose their sexual partners

  • I was attracted to my father all my life. Finally at 25, when mom moved out and divorced him to be with a 21 year old guy, I took advantage of the chance.

    Best thing I ever did. I realized I had been wasting time with guys who didn't want to commit to me and wanted multiple other girls.

    Dad loves me completely and our life together is fantastic. Sex with him is so so so good. He takes his time and makes me cum several times from oral before he fucks me.

    It depends on your father, but I think most women would be better off emotionally
    and sexually if they are with their father. You know that his love is unconditional and he really really wants you sexually.

  • Nice post :)

  • I disagree. I believe there are many fathers who are attracted to their daughters especially as there daughters develops into their teenage years. Why do you think fathers become jealous of their daughter's boyfriends? Also, daughters become jealous of their fathers partners if their parents have separated, "Daddy's girl" is term I think is used for this very reason. I believe it is a hidden truth that a sexual connection between a father and daughter is always there. Just think, how many times have you heard of women calling their partners daddy during sex? I've been with women who have done just that. I believe that kids should be not sexually abuse but it's silly to deny a natural sexual chemistry that exists between a father and a daughter.

  • I am female and when I have intercourse with any man I imagine its my father but its only a fantasy its not real, I would like to hear from a girl who has done it with there dad, because I want to have the experience, I do have the opportunity now, I am living with dad, mum is out of the seen, and my marriage has broken up, I think its on but ime not sure, ime glad of this post,
    comments will be appreciated what ever, KK

  • Hi, I'm assuming you are of legal age? You are one many that has these fantasies. Has your dad given you any signs that he may be interested in a sexual relationship with you? You could start flirting with your dad and being more affectionate than normal. Do you kiss your dad? If not then start and try to make the kiss longer than usual and definitely kiss him on the lips. You need to show him that you are interested and ready for sex! Try sharing his bed and obviously wear sexy lingerie! You need to initiate this and let your dad know that you want him. Reassure your dad that this is completely consensual and whatever happens is strictly between you two. Like you said you have an opportunity to really enjoy your dad and experience something wonderful. Don't forget to use birth control and try to get yourself on the contraceptive pill. Best of luck to you and your dad!!

  • You can dress the situation anyway you want, put a cute hat on it, a clown nose, tie a pretty bow around it's pointed little head, and it's still SEXUAL ABUSE, and IS NOT NORMAL !

  • You didn't read what I wrote. I said kids shouldn't be sexually abused but you can't deny that there is a sexual chemistry that exists between a father and a daughter.

  • Just give him what he clearly wants.... your holes.

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