Did I really do this?

My husband of 14 years took me on a business trip with him. It was in south east Florida So I wanted to go and get some beach time.

I am a conservative soccer mom type. Plain vanilla I guess with no sense of real adventure.

On my second day there, rather than just laying in the beach I showered and shaved everything knowing that I was going to put on my new bikini. I think I looked cute although my chest has never been big. I’m only a 34c on my trim frame. So not bad.

I headed for the beach. Since it was a Wednesday morning it wasn’t very populated.

As I strolled bare foot down the beach I was surprised by the attention I was getting. It felt nice. A couple of guys in their late teens I think made a comment (nice bod!) that made me smile at them and just kept walking. It wasn’t until I was In a residential area when I noticed they were following me.

I decided to sit on the sand and watch the ocean. I’m leaned back holing myself up with my hands in the sand behind me. I wanted a nice tan so I sat with my legs slightly parted.

The guys moved toward me and stopped about 20 feet in front of me and stared. That made me laugh. They kept commenting about my body. They talked about how nice my tits are and openly wondered what my pushy looked like. Was I shaved and so on and I pretended to ignore them.

Then I got a devilish thought and I wanted to tease them. I untied my top holding it to ensure it covered my breasts then I laid back on the sand.

I folded the too so it barely covered my nipples and let it lay there hoping the wind didn’t blow it away.

Judging by their reaction they were getting turned on. I ruched down and untied my bottom on each side of my hips. Then very carefully folded it to just barely cover my womanhood.

As I relaxed and listened to them hope the wind would grant them a peek I could feel the bottoms gap between my legs and o could feel the warm Florida breeze.

Hey just kept looking and hoping. My heart raced when I decided to go topless. I nonchalantly removed my too and laid it next to me much to the delight of my 2 young friends.

It was a feeling of empowerment knowing I had this kind of control over them. I had their undivided attention and they weren’t going anywhere.

As the talked I learned that they were on vacation from Minnesota.this was very new to them. I’m guessing that if they were from Florida they would see this type of thing all the time

This was very erotic for me and I wanted to make their visit truly memorable. My heart was still racing but now my thought made my body tremble.

Lifting my butt slightly I reached for the material covering my womanhood and pulled it out from under me and laid it with my top. I opened my legs a little wider so my admirers had a better view.

I was naked in public with an audience. No other man had ever seen me naked save my husband. I couldn’t believe I was doing this and it was so exciting. They were commenting on ‘how pretty my pussy is!’ Really? They thought it was pretty?

I wanted them to see inside me. O I reached down and spread her open. My touch sent shockwaves through my body. I began to play with myself. I could feel an orgasm coming as I played fiddling with my clit and slipping a finger inside.

As my orgasm built I opened my legs wide and pulled my knees up. I knew they could see everything including my back door. I closed my eyes for a minute as I was about to orgasm. When I opened them again the guys were right at my feet now cheering me on.

I exploded in an orgasm that made me squirt big time. I collapsed on my back as the guys (now3 of them) watched.

When I recovered I put on my bikini and headed back to my room for a shower.

I never told my husband. It’s my secret

Jul 4
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    • My wife got on stage one night at a nude club. When we got home she said OMG I can’t believe I got naked on stage in front of all those guys. I laughed and said she looked nice on stage. She asked if her shaved pussy was noticeable on stage. I said oh yes your pretty pink lips were viewable. She said OMG you mean all those guys could see my lips? I said very clearly. She said OMG I don’t believe I showed my pussy on stage. I smiled and said yes you did. She said it was a rush and wanted to do it again.

    • My wife is shy but loves to go to topless beaches. Once her top comes off she likes guys looking at her. I always walk with her to the crowded part of the beach where the younger guys are. She likes it when the guys stop and talk to her getting a close view of her titties. I love watching her show them off.

    • My wife loves to tease young guys and fuck them as well. She's had many 18 and 19 year olds in her mouth and pussy! I love hearing the stories and I have had a chance to watch a few times. They never get soft just keep coming load after load she loves it.

    • Wow, you should have invited your young friends to the room.

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